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    Gray Square in my RF Module circuit in Proteus 8

    The gray square indicates the pin state is unknown (not high/not low). Fixing the LED (per FvM) may correct it or it might just be the way the part is simulated.
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    Measuring Motor Activity

    If there's a flat on the motor shaft, you could use an appropriate proximity detector to detect the flat and count that. You can also try adding an encoder like mechanism to the shaft to count pulses. Ideally, your motor wouldn't have too much vibration and it might be relatively random.
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    Input return loss of Amplifiers

    It will be flat if the amplifier input is purely resistive. Any reactance will vary with frequency. It will dip when the reactance is at the match impedance.
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    SPI MISO Pin Unused

    If you are not reading back a SPI value, it should be terminated like any other unused input. If you are creating a PCB, I would suggest adding a pull-up that could be removed if you ever wanted to wire in a read function in the future.
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    Where's Schematic Editor in Cadence Orcad 17.2?

    It's been years since I used schematic that I can't tell.
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    switching of board rate in PIC microcontrollers

    The RX input of the unused communications device should also be pulled to logic high. The is the idle state for the PIC TX line. Leaving it floating or low has caused me problems when switching between different devices. I'm switching on the digital side since I need to route to other uCs as...
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    Where are resistors on 8 x resistor array?

    Looking at page 3, the land patterns indicate the connections are on the concave section for the CATxx series and the flat part for the CAYxx series.
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    Indicating off-board connection in OrCad LAYOUT

    I'm designing a daughter board using OrCad Layout (old, I know). The board has 2 40 pin connectors at opposite ends. Both connectors have VCC net connections to the main board. The main board has the power supply and supplies VCC to multiple pins on each connector. I routed the board to use the...
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    OrCAD Capture 17.4 DRC error

    Maybe the ERC Matrix changed with the upgrade?
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    Old Altera FPGA EPM7128

    Have you looked at Microchip? I have been using some of the lower cell count versions to replace EPM3064/EPM7064 parts. These might be what you're looking for. You may need a different programmer...
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    components are stick together in pcb document

    I'm not an Altium user either but, I believe, the components that stick together are in a room. The original designer wanted to keep them together for some reason or another so they put them in a room.
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    add more types of Place page-off connector

    The off page connectors are in the CAPSYM.olb library. First, make a copy of this library in the event you mess it up. The easiest way to add a new connector is to open the library, load one of the symbols, and save it with your new name. Just to make sure, close the symbol and load the one you...
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    OrCAD Capture rigid flex

    Then you will need to create one.
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    OrCAD Capture rigid flex

    You'll need a connector on the left side as well. The flex/PCB footprint for the connector on the left will be the fingers.
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    layout design of an adapter using Altium

    Personally, I would center the route from P2.37 where it runs under the connector. This could be eliminated by running P2.33 to P3.2 route on the back You need to put the P1.15 and P1.16 thermal relief pads back. It will make it much easier to solder. The P3.8 route is incomplete. Again, run...
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    layout design of an adapter using Altium

    It's a 7Zip archive. - - - Updated - - - I'll preface to say I'm an EE that does design work by profession but PCB layout by necessity. You can probably clean up some of the routes by using the bottom layer for some of the P2 to P3 connections. Maybe re-route the NRST trace between P2.37 and...
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    Reflective area detection - optical lap counter

    Optical reflective sensors have both illumination and detection. I would suggest an analog version and detect the relative change in output voltage of the shiny spot vs the other part of the flywheel...
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    [SOLVED] Do I need footprint if I will just simulate in protues?

    The footprint is only used for the PCB. It's not required for design layout or simulation.

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