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    Question about the definition of Quality factor

    Hello everyone, In Yue's journal in 1998 "on-chip spiral inductors with patterned ground shields for Si-based RFIC's". The definition of the quality factor is: Q=2*pi* (energy stored)/ (energy loss in one oscillation cycle). My question is, what is the purpose to add a scalar 2*Pi here ...
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    The meaning of the port impedance of a lumped port (HFSS)

    Hello everyone: How does HFSS adjust the field of a lumped port to satisfiy the port impedance we assign? Thanks. TWang
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    NF measurement of direct-convertsion mixer

    y factor direct conversion Hi everyone: Does anyone know how to measure the NF of a direct-conversion mixer ? Because it's a frequency converting device, it's difficult to find a noise source to cover both RF(5GHz) and IF(10KHz) bands, maybe we need two noise sources. One is for calibration of...
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    Question about the Wilkinson Divider

    Hi everyone: When i'm studying the wilkinson divider part of the Microwave Engineering (by D.M. Pozar). There's one question that confuses me. In Chap7.3 (Wilkinson power divider), it says the Wilkinson divider can be lossless when outputs are matched, but in Chap7.1 (Basic properties of...
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    Question about the "Reciprocity"

    Hi everyone: There is somthing i don't understand in the book "Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields" by R.F. Harrington. Can anyone answer my question? In the end of the chapter 3-8,the Reciprocity part, the author want to tell us that an electric current impressed along the surface of a PEC...
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    why positive S11 of patch antenna ?

    Hello everyone, It's a problem that confuses me very much. As I tried to use HFSS to simuate a 60GHz patch antenna, I got positive s11 all the time. Where were I wrong? Could anyone kindly tell me the possible reasons of this strange results. Thank you. the patch is 1.4mm x 1.4mm with...

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