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    Basic steps in embedded software

    1. What are the basic steps in Embedded system 2. what is meant by self-test ? 3. what is ram-test & rom test ?
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    CAN protocol usage

    When CAN Protocol is preferred in communication when compared to other protocols.??/
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    Uart data transmission in built

    Can i recieve/transmit data from 2 uart's if they are built in from micro controller at the same time
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    Can protocol two nodes data transfer

    How data transfer takes place between 2 nodes with and without controller? Please respond to this with an example?
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    [General] Can protocol remote frame vs standard frame

    Hi can any one provide me that what is the difference between standard frame and remote frame ??/ can you provide me with an example?
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    Can protocol with an example and code

    Can any one please post CAN protocol with an example?
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    [General] Declaration of volatile variable (vs) global variable difference?

    Please clarify my doubt?? what is the difference? 1 .int a=1; int a=2; 2.volatile int a=1; volatile int a=2; since volatile means variable can be changed at any time if we don't declare...

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