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    power calculation for diy incubator

    I have seen lots of tutorials on the web about coolers with incandescent lamps in as a thermal heater.... how can i calculate the minimum power requirement in watts for x volume incubator to reach/maintaing a y temperature...is there a formula ? solution ? a rule ?
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    problems in repairing a 600VA offline UPS

    Hi guys, my ups broke down - a Mustek PowerMust 600VA offline. Learned is made by Centralion and is marketed also as a Ippon Back office 600va. Obviously first checked the SLA batt- discharged but ok(chargeable), then the fuse - ok also. Then i suspected off the DPDT relay, i replaced it and...
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    stellaris eval board

    Just ordered the stellaris ARM LM4f eval. board from TI. While it wont arrives im interested to know about the arquitecture and programming of the refered mcu. My knowledge in mcu's resumes to pic and picbasic. Basic knowledge in C programming but not in arm / mcu enviroment. Googled the...
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    Help me adapt Peltier Mini Frigobar into an incubator

    hi there. im planing to adapt a china peltier mini frigobar to a incubator wlth a constant +35*Celcius inside. the inside of the fridge consists off a smps 220/12v, a circuit board with switchs to hot/cold op. and 4 wires to the peltier element ....opened up the peltier and the RED/BLACK wires...
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    need cheap PIC BASIC software and programmer

    need it 4 comercial purpuses thinking to auction MCU kits and compontes on EBAY I have a prototipe of regulable digital termostat and logger on a bootloaded PIC16F88 that is programed in PBASIC with picaxe programming editor, this software (pc editor and bootload) is intended only 4...

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