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    RFID and transponders building - any cheap technology?

    Re: RFID and transponders Do PM me for detailed discussion. Let me know your chip type, qty and target price. I'll offer you my best price if its my common production chip type. Of course if the chip required is of lesser utilisation or demand, then cost would be higher.
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    RFID and transponders building - any cheap technology?

    Re: RFID and transponders how much transponder ic do you need? I can consider supplying in "flip chip" strap in module level with 2 pads for soldering antenna if you want. However, small MOQ still must apply, perhaps in terms of 1kpcs of common widely available chip such as Icode or my-d. I'm...
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    Query regarding the size of RFID Tag

    hi, well I've 10mm diameter HF tag if you want something small!
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    wireless power transfer - help with air core design needed

    Re: wireless power transfer I tried contacting Nebix through email but no reply from them. anybody had used such solution before or have sources to provide? Most commercialised contactless power transfer are from the japanese (panasonic, tdk, etc) while the most recent are splashpower..... all...
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    wireless power transfer - help with air core design needed

    Re: wireless power transfer 5W across that distance is definitely near to insanity.... imagine the loss. The most i've achieved was for 1.4W across 3mm for a contactless battery charger. Even with that, the component used is already discontinued! Nevertheless, do hope to share my experience...
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    Contactless charger - where can I get this?

    Contactless charger Anybody can advice where can I get such inductive charger module? Most mfgr. have already discontinued such product line and I need to find new sources... thanks :)
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    proximity card reader

    proximity reader circuit Hi, Anybody can advise where can developers obtain samples for RI-R6C-001A-01 (S6700 Multi-Protocol Transceiver IC) and subsequently purchase them? TI recently closed down their online store and it is not supported by general TI distri.
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    Accessing CF+ peripherals on WinCE 3.0 platform

    Anybody have experience to share on how to access CF+ cards (bluetooth, Wlan, bar code, etc) on non-PPC O/S? Too bad that most of the CF devices out there do not support the non main-stream PDA platforms.... anybody can advise? Am looking particularly for Wlan, BT and bar code CFs.
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    Looking for Mifare contactless card reader/writer circuit

    Re: Mifare Card Sometimes it makes no sense to do such contactless interface from scratch as sourcing the asic alone is no mean task. Best to buy module/engine if you do not need much qty. Let me know if you need more referral of manufacterer of such OEM boards..
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    REq: footprint for PowerPCB

    why not just create one using the software??? -------------------------------- I'm searching footprints for this program - especially: 40QN50T16060 (socket for QFN Package) or similar thank you ciao
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    programming oscillators for specific frequency

    I came across this programmable IC oscillator before.. comes in factory programmed format for 3 outputs using 1 crystal

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