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    How to read MP3 file and feed the bit stream data into TI DSP?

    Hi, Have you ever read mp3 file and feed those bit stream data into TI DSP? I don't know how to start this COULD ANY ONE TELL ME HOW TO DO
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    TI DSP verilog model for simulation

    Hi. I need TI DSP verilog model for simulation. anyone can tell me where to find?
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    FAT16 and FAT32 with SD card , MMC

    onMMC, SD card file structure, does anyone know the content of FAT16 and FAT32 ?
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    SD card MMC, CF card reading

    Thanks for your info. it'll be better if there are more documents other than programming codes.
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    What's your opinion on CAD tools for Windows/Linux OS?

    I think the cost of Sun WS is too high. have you ever run those cad tools below on Intel-based PC with Linux OS? Synopsys synthesis, Designware, Hspice,... Cadence NC-verilog could tell me your experience on this ?
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    SD card MMC, CF card reading

    Hi Does anyone know how to read /write Flash memory cards, such as SD , MMC and CF? does every flash memory card have its own FAT16 or FAT32 like IDE Hard Drive?
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    which Linux is best for Synopsys's CAD tools?

    did you ever try to run Synopsys's CAD tools, such as VCS , Designware...., on Intel-based PC ? what kind of OS did you install? Red Hat Linux?
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    SD card Verilog behavioral Model

    sd verilog Does anyone has SD(secure Digital) card verilog model for simulation verification?

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