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    IIR Filter using multi-rate techniques

    Hi every body I study "the IIR ilters for Satellite Transponder Using Multi-rate Techniques". Would you please give me some ebook or website? thanks
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    Looking for dot matrix printer circuit diagram

    Would you mind help Hi! I require dot matrix printer circuit diagram Thank
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    Fingerprint Pattern verification

    book on fingerprint pattern All of my colleague, Good day for you. I wish all of you. Now I face on a problem with Biometric recognition, especially in Fingerprint Pattern Verification. I would like to know to your opinion on that topic. If you don't mind, please share your opinion. I...
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    I need Microcontroller Training Board Design

    Hi! Everybody help me I need Microcontroller Training Board Design using AT89S51 Microncontroller. To control traffic light, lamp,motor, etc Component list of Training Board •AT89S51 Microncontroller •32 Byte RAM •32 Byte EEPROM •Programable Array Logic •8 bit Register •A/D and D/A Converter...
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    Design and Construction of Microcontroller Training Board

    microcontroller training board Hello! Would you mind you will help. I need design and construction of Microcontroller Training Board. I known applification of Microcontroller. I think, you may help.
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    Why power does not amplify?

    Why don't power amplify + - × ÷ What answer?

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