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    Modelling current source with BJT

    I have to design a current source, but in the process I should only use 1 bjt and the current source should be beta independent. How is it even possible?
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    BJT differential amplifier

    Im trying to design a bjt amplifier with a gain of 10. However, there are some problems that I cannot answer myself. First of all, as you can see from my design, there are 2 big resistances at each base and I dont know their functionality exactly. I guess they are there for draining current...
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    Missing CA3086 in Proteus

    I am trying to design an amplifier by using CA3086 npn transistor and simulate it in proteus, but this transistor model does not exist in its library. Do you know where I can find it and add to library , because only related other models are the ones with MOSFETs.

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