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    PROTEUS 8 - SMT pad shown in software but not on real PCB

    Hi, i used Proteus 8 to design my PCB. recently i received my fabricated PCBs and notice that the MOSFET's drain SMT pad is somehow covered with the soldermask, which it shouldnt. i have asked the PCB house and they mentioned that unfortunately based on the given Gerbers that the MOSFET's...
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    Calculate capacitance measurement between electrodes

    Hi, I have been able to simulate the electrical fields between 2 electrodes using COMSOL 4.2a, when one is given positive potential and the other is grounded. However, after so much trying i am unable to get the capacitance and voltage values on any points between both electrodes. Please help...
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    [SOLVED] dsPIC30F6014A - Problem with UART Receive, using MPLAB C30 Compiler

    Hi guys, i have tried programming the dsPIC30F6014A to make the UART1 and UART2 to function properly for days now. 1) i started with using CCS C Compiler, successfully able to send and receive from both UARTs. the problem is however: - UART calls (e.g getc(), puts()) cannot be placed in a...
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    C++, GUI, Hardware interfacing

    Hi guys, i am more familiar to do all of the things mentioned in the Title (C++(code programming), GUI, Hardware interfacing) by using other software like MATLAB and VB6. however after years of experience it seems there's some slow computation problem for acquiring data from the hardware(serial...
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    [SOLVED] Mistake in soldermask design: Bare grounding

    Hi, i've made a mistake in the soldermask design. as shown in the picture, the pads for the SMT tactile switch on the top layer is by mistake also made available for the bottom layer. 1) my question, is there gonna be any problem? in term of high-speed circuitry, is there any significant...
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    [SOLVED] create slots in OrCAD

    Hi, i've this connector for Power (2.5mm) that need to be inserted in a layout. the connector however have through-hole leads with oblong-shaped. in OrCAD layout, i tried to change the shape of the drill holes from round to oblong but cannot, the option is disabled... maybe because holes are...
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    using inductor instead of coil to produce electromagnetic wave in small range

    Hi, i want to produce electromagnetic wave in a range around 20 cm where a hall sensor will be used to detect the signal and produce voltage readings. my current plan is to used a microcontroller to provide the pulse to a transistor circuit that will provide the high-amp pulse (up to 8 amp as...
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    [SOLVED] via on capacitors plane

    Hi, 1) in an attempt to save routing spaces, is it okay to put via on capacitor smt planes where the via and the capacitor plane is connected to the same route. 2) is it okay to put vias under the microcontroller? i think vias will not heighten the base which will make it difficult to solder...
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    Using NI USB-6218 with matlab r2009a for real-time purposes

    Hi, I've already programmed a GUI to communicate between USB-6218 and matlab r2009a. However the performance are relatively slow. In theory the USB-6218 can support up to 250kS/s, and since i am using 16 channels the sample rate are divided with 16 = 15,625S/s thus for a single sample for each...
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    Single ultrasonic transducer switching to Rx and Tx

    ultrasonic transducer driver circuit Hi, i am currently trying to figure out how to use a single ultrasonic transducer for transmitting and receiving. i've managed to do so by using a SPDT switch (CD4053B), however the drawback of using this circuit is that i have to manually do the...
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    Help me make an equalizer circuit connected to a LED

    i want to design a circuit that will show the amplitude of a certain frequency signal just like a car audio equalizer works. the output of the circuit will then be connected to a LED that will glow weak if the signal is not strong and will glow bright if the signal of that certain frequency is...
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    What makes a capacitor changes its response time?

    i built a peak detector circuit for an ultrasonic receiver circuit. few days a go the response for the output of the peak detector is fast enough that it really follows the up and down of the receiver. now suddenly (no hardware or software change) the output of the peak detector's response is...

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