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    Development of Games

    Hi all, I wish to design some pc games . Is there any good software or tool with which we can develop games? Which language we should expertise in order to develop small games that kids can play..
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    Problem with Pic18f97j60

    My code is working properly except in the transmission of green code. I have placed the authorised ID tag code in ucCharBuff[0] to ucCharBuff[9] and green code to be transmitted to rfid for 4 cycles in ucCharBuff[10] to ucCharBuff[19]. Whenever authorised card is exposed the green code has to be...
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    [SOLVED] Problem with PIC18F97J60 board

    Whenever i dump a code in PIC board the code works good for certain instants but the code after few minutes doesn't work properly. Is there any problem with my code or with the development board? my code is to turn on an led whenever a digital input is obtained. CODE: #include <p18f97j60.h>...
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    [SOLVED] [Moved] Digital Input from PIC18f97j60

    Hi all, Am able to get a digital input at D_IN1. I am trying to check this using an LED at PORTJ. So what i do here is whenever the corresponding LED of D_IN1 goes high i should make an LED glow. My LED that corresponds to D_IN1 is glowing but the condition that is use to make PORTJ LED is not...
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    [SOLVED] Programming PIC18f97j60 using MPLab

    I have interfaced my PIC with RFID. I have to switch off the rfid whenever a valid ID tag is exposed. I have done everything right. But my program works only on certain power on's properly. Or sometimes it stops working in the middle of checking. I mean saying that it stops working when u expose...

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