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    SMPS IC Gets Hot

    Hi All, i am trying to make an 12V 1 Amps SMPS using DK1203 IC. Circuit Diagram, Top Copper and Bottom Copper with component placement file has been attached. My problem is the SMPS works well for initial 10 to 15 minutes with the load of 850mA , but later it starts flickering. i have noticed...
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    Timer Circuit Using Transistor

    Hi All. I have built a timer circuit using Transistor. (Circuit Diagram Attached) The power source is 24V 3 Amps Transformer. and i am operating a 24V 10 RPM AC Motor for one of my application. On Power ON, The motor will be ON for a specific period of time and the time is decided by C1...
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    Control DC Motor Circuit using PWM

    Hi All. I have designed a circuit to control a DC Motor using PWM and 8051 controller. (Circuit attached). Motor Specifications Voltage: 240V DC Watts: 560 Watts RPM: 2900 RPM In the circuit i am using a mosfet to drive the motor ON and OFF and controlling the speed of the motor using PWM...
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    Battery Charger Circuit

    Hi All, I Am trying to make a Battery Charger circuit with Bat LOW Indication using LED (Circuit Attached). Battery Used: 4V Lead Acid 4 Amp As per the circuit design, D3 LED glows when battery level goes below 3.4V (Works Perfect) and D1 LED glows when charger in connected. but when 5.2V 1.5...
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    [SOLVED] DC Motor Interfacing using 8051

    Hi all. I am trying to interface a 380V DC 180 Watts DC Motor using 8051 controller. (Circuit Diagram Attached) As per the circuit, the problem what i am facing is, As soon as i connect the system to 220V AC line, sometimes the bridge BR1 (KBP310) and Everytime 19N60 mosfet gets busted. Can...
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    [SOLVED] PT100 Interface using Controller

    Hi All.. I am trying to interface PT100 2 Pin with Controller. I am using NUVOTON NUC029LAN Controller. Circuit diagram has also being attached for PT100 Interface. I am using Internal ADC of controller. My Question is how should i calibrate PT100 with Controller. currently i am using POT to...
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    DS1307 RTC Interfacing with MCU

    Hello All. I am trying to Interface RTC DS1307 with NUC029LAN Controller and display the date and time on LCD. but the code is not working with NUC029LAN controller. The same code i tried using 89S52 controller, but it works perfectly. (Code attached) i have also tried increasing the Delay but...
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    Traic Not Getting OFF

    Hi all. I am trying to build a small circuit where i need to switch ON and OFF and 220V AC Light using 8051 Controller. Circuit Diagram attached. I am using BT134 Triac to control the Light and MOC3021 to drive the triac. Have connected the MOC3021 to Controller Pin P0.5. My Problem is when i...
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    Traic using Microcontroller

    Hi all, i am designing a LED Driver controller using 8051 microcontroller. i have attached a circuit diagram. i have used N76E003 Controller, and driving a BT131 Traic using controller port pin. My problem is after a specific NO's of switching (approx 10 to 15 cycles), the triac BT131 stops...
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    433Mhz Data Transmitter

    Hi all. I am working on the project where i need to transmit data wirelessly using 433Mhz RF. I am using 8952 Microcontroller, can any one suggest me how can i transmit and receive the data's. As i have checked online where ready modules are available which can be directly interface with 8051...
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    8051 Based Triac

    Hi all. I am trying to make a small circuit where i am just trying to just ON and OFF a small 5 RPM 220V AC motor. I am using BT131 Triac to drive using 8051 microcontroller. What my problem is when i switch the 220V line, the Resistor R18 and controller both gets bursted. i have connected Gate...
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    Capacitive Touch Not working

    Hi all. I am designing a Capacitive touch sensor using Cypress CY8CMBR3102 IC. Have also attached the circuit diagram. The IC works properly. when any finger is touched to the pad, the LED glows and as soon as the finger is removed the LED goes off, That's perfect. But when the system is OFF and...
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    speed control of motor using 89S52

    Hi all I am trying to control the speed of the DC motor using 89S52 controller using Timer0 Interrupt void main() { while(1) { status_flag=1; PWM=0; msdelay(5000); status_flag=0; motor=0; msdelay(5000); } void pwm_setup() { TMOD &= 0xF0; // Clear 4bit field...
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    SMPS Through Hole to SMD Package

    Hi all, I have a 12V-1 Amp SMPS design which i assembled it using through hole components. all the resistor are in 1/4 watts, zener diode are in 1/2 watts. (Circuit Attached) but now the same SMPS Design i converted in SMD Package (only Resistors and diode in 1206 package, and rest of all are...
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    PT100 interfacing with controller

    Hi all. i have made a circuit to interface PT100 with my microcontroller Nuvoton N78E517A. Circuit diagram attached of Amplifier, my issue is with the software part. ADC Used is MCP3202 and amplifier used is LMV358. what my problem is how should i calibrate the PT100 sensor. for example, at 100...
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    MOSFET Gets Hot in H Bridge

    Hi all. I tried making a H Bridge Circuit using P Channel and N Channel Mosfet and driving the mosfets using transistors. but the P Channel mosfet gets extremely hot within a second, can anybody please let me know where the problem is.
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    Ascii to BCD Conversion

    Hi all. I am making a simple project where i need to display the contains of Array to seven segment display. for ex. unsigned char array[4]={"1234"}; also i have four seven segment displays where i need to display 1 to segment 1, 2 to segment 2, 3 to segment 3, 4 to segment 4. common anode...
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    Drive P Channel Mosfet Using 8051

    Hi all. I am trying to Drive a 5V Solonied using 8051 Circuit Attached. The gate of the Mosfet is not getting low. when i keep the mosfet OFF, it shows 5V at gate, but when i try to ON the mosfet using microcontroller 89S52, the voltage hardly drops to 3V, due to which my solonied does not gets...
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    High Frequency using 8051

    Hi all. I need to generate high frequency output maxing 60 Khz using 8051 microcontroller. attached circuit diagram. Software is not a problem, i would be using timer to generate high frequency. but as per the circuit diagram, is the components selection perfect..?. will the mosfet work at...
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    [moved] H Bridge Gets Hot (using Transistor)

    I am trying to make a H Bridge to drive a Small Motor (Circuit Attached) But my issue is without load even all transistor gets extreme hot. can anybody please let me know where the issue is.

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