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    Component identification

    Hey guys! Was in need of a BAT85 schottky diode and the local store gave me this. But there are no images/datasheets that justify that this is a BAT85. Is the correct component?
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    ESP8266 vs nrf24l01 for wireless data

    Hello! 1. Does anyone know the average range that could be covered with the modules nrf24l01 and esp8266 respectively? Posts across the internet mention that the esp8266 is interesting but sufficient details about the range is not given. Other stuff that I came to know about: PROS (esp8266)...
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    [SOLVED] Programmer prior to ISP?

    Hello! Pretty basic question. Was wondering how microcontrollers were programmed if not through ISP. What actually happens when the microcontroller is taken out from the circuit and programmed by putting it in a socket? Can you point out the details like the protocol used in that method of...
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    Software for data acquisition and display

    Hi! In need of a PC setup that reads data from an external microprocessor and displays that in real time. Like a low level DAQ. Which would be the most suitable software to be used on the PC side? Considering Matlab, Labview and the like. Software with GUI plugins are more convenient.

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