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    7.2w led panel with 12v 7Ah battery

    Hi , i am trying to power a led panel of 7.2W (12V, 600mA) and a controller board with atmega8 microcontroller i want t run this circuit and light up the led panel for 4-5 hrs is that possible to achieve this running hours with 12v 7,Ah battery .to achieve this what is the battery capacity that...
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    How i can use a 12 V 7 Ah battery to power up a 3w led light box

    Hi, i want to take power from a 12v 7 ah battery to 3 watt led board (the led board contains 50 units of 2 led connected in series linked in parallel along with a 56 ohm (please ignore the 470 ohm ) in series as in the image .when i use 7805 to reduce the voltage the ic is getting very hot ...
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    [AVR] Count down timer using avr

    hi i want to design a count down display using avr ,the counter should produce a interrupt signal or indication when the count reached at zero , the count length has to be variable , so that it can be changed as per requirement . am using code vision avr compiler , can anyone help me in this...
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    How smps provide current ?

    hi, I am using A 24V 10 A SMPS to power my project work, it consumes different current rating in different intervals , i want to know how the smps provide current to the load, if i connect a LOAD that require 12 v 600 MA is that possible to use 12 v 10 A smps here , is there is any chance...
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    global variable accessing problem

    hi, i tried to use interrupts in at8535 to perform a switch operation , am getting an error my code #include <mega8535.h> #include <alcd.h> #include <delay.h> // External Interrupt 0 service routine interrupt [EXT_INT0] void ext_int0_isr(void) { x=1; // when int0 pressed x =1 } interrupt...
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    Power supply design help

    hi, i want to design a power supply which can drive an led array (30 parallel led module each module consists of 4 series led connected with 56 ohm resistor)i want to drive led panel like this , i tired to build one using 7812 and lm 317 but the 7812 is heating itself continuously so can anyone...

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