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    solution for balanis problem

    An antenna has a beam solid angle that is equivalent to a trapezoidal patch (patch with 4 sides, 2 of which are parallel to each other) on the surface of a sphere of radius r. The angular space of the patch on the surface of the sphere extends between π/6 ≤ θ ≤ π/3(30◦ ≤ θ ≤ 60◦) in latitude and...
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    Determination of the modes types using CST Microwave studios

    Does anyone know how to determine the ( leaky mode,wave guide propagating mode and surface wave mode) in CST after implementing SIW antenna?
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    Simulating a rectangular wave guide using CST Microwave studio

    I am implementing a simple rectangular wave guide on CST Microwave studio to operate on the X-band . Does anyone have idea which type of port I have to use as I am using wave guide port and it doesn't work ? and how can I choose the mode? Thanks in advance

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