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    buzzer and timer construction

    I need to create a timer circuit, 66 seconds would be the max time, it should be able to increase or decrease in intervals of 1 second when setting the time to count down. while counting down i would want to be able to add more time manually, a display would be added to show the time. after the...
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    designing a basic mic

    Good Day, was wondering if hobbyist would make a mic circuit for themselves? does a mic require a circuit, is a mic just a speaker that would pass through mixers that have built in amplifiers for it?
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    Industrial sensor for factory use

    Good day, Does anyone know of color sensors that are ip68 or ip69 rated I would prefer a cylindrical shape 18mm diameter but if it exists otherwise I would still review.
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    [Moved]TV remote repair (blue component)

    What's this part does anyone know. [found at imgur .com /gallery /aptJx] It has 3 legs, never seen a cap like it the symbol looks like a cap or maybe a crystal.
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    Tone control circuit critique

    does this circuit look ok I need it to control the tone of my speakers the signal to this circuit would come from my laptop.
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    Fet heating up unexpectedly

    What I did was I built a 12vdc power supply and used it to power the arduino and I have a truck battery, the connections other wise are the same but the fets get hot in seconds and I release that the bigger the transformer the more current they pull. Even if I don't connect the gate of the fets...
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    Clip light circuit for audio signal

    I have seen a couple clip light circuits online and tested them out and they don't seem to work, what I had in mind was to build a simple circuit with just 2 leds one to show signal and the other for when the signal is clipping I have seen that on amplifiers but the circuits aren't really easy...
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    DIY laser printing possiblity

    I am not sure if this DIY type project but Im here asking advice in order to know where to look. I Want to laser print words on plastic bottles but in my mind I was thinking I could buy some form of laser and build a circuit to do just that, I havent really found anything on this topic. Is this...
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    Powering telephone with Lan cable

    My friend built up a place to do a little start up business apparently I am the only technical friend he has since I did his electrical wiring and computer builds ect. Now there isnt any phone line available in the area since its a office environment also using land line phones would be ideal...
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    using Audio amp as a power inverter

    I made a few simple inverters and also simple amplifiers and I have noticed that audio amplifiers produce pure sinewave. OK now I realize that audio amplifiers clip when they are over driven (passing the supply voltage or current). If I am to use an audio amplifier as an inverter the best way I...
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    voltage comparator replacement in class D amp

    Im reading up on class D amplifiers and I found a design that I would want to prototype but I dont have the lm311 chip I have seen where op-amps can be used as voltage comparators also. Would I be able to redraw this using a op-amp say a tl07x series?
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    5amp power supply troubleshooting

    I built this circuit and for some reason the output transistor keeps getting hot. the load is a tv which requires 12v @ 4 amps and the supply can supply 4.5v to 15v dc at 5amps here is the schematic based on my testing the tv is pulling 1.5amps when its loaded though the voltage pulls...
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    full details on creating good sound

    I have been here several times trying to create a good audio amplifiers and amplifiers so far I havent had any help creating an amplifier so I tend to resort to Chinese made amplifier boards that I buy on ebay I am not sure if its my preamp that seems to be giving me some sounds that arent so...
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    macsa 1-1010 printing problem

    I have a problem I don't know if anyone here is familiar with this Lazer device but when I power on the machine as soon as it finishes boot up it starts to print without me even starting the print process. Can anyone assist me?
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    short circuit problem

    I am designing a circuit and for some reason I am confused on how not to short the output. at pin 3 of the 555 timer if I connect it to the gate of a N-Channel FET and the source of the fet to GND I dont think I could directly add a positive dc voltage to the drain of the FET since that would...
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    Adjustable signal generator

    I need a circuit which can generate frequencies up to 100mhz, output voltage should be atleast 24v, frequencies can start at any range. I dont know if an simple enough circuits are out there. If an arduino can perform the task that would be nice since I have arduino boards.
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    testing high frequency signal

    I am doing a little experiment which requires 1 MHZ signal but I need it at 24v so what I did was use the arduino to generate the signal I can test the frequency with my multimeter but since the arduino is outputting about 4.5v I sent that output to the gate of a logic FET and used a power suppl...
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    Electrolysis principle

    Good Day, I have a friend who is trying to do a project on electrolysis he wants to use water to create electricity to run home appliances. based on what I read it can be used for the removal of hair roots or small blemishes on the skin by the application of heat using an electric current, but...
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    proper heating element connectors

    I have been having some issues with a heat tunnel I work on from time to time, whats happening is the elements have threadings on the ends and connectors are held to it by a nut or 2 but the because of constant heasting and cooling the nuts and connectors get worn easily. the tunnel operates at...
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    Switch mode power supply build

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/182307479849 I bought this amplifier board from ebay and it needs +/- 75V and I have a Ecore transformer to be wrapped and I have foil winding, even though I have never used foil winding but I wish to learn, the part that I think is most complex is for getting a working...

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