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    frequency modulator at ~ 150khz for speaker

    ultrasound+modulator Dear People, I am looking for a frequency modulation circuit that operates roughly in the 150kHz range. modulates audio. It need a means of providing an output of the 150kHz frequency before being modulated. so things like on the fly LC oscilation may not work. I am...
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    Will my imirror circuit work?

    Dear People, I am curios if the circuit that I have combined has a chance of working? I have already made it, but the LED is getting hot, the whole thing is SMD so I don’t want to cut traces just yet. I ran some simulations, they returned within reason; error of 1 mA over all 3 leds. The...
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    Problem with using classes in Protel 2004

    Protel 2004 Classes Dear people, I have problems using classes in Protel 2004. In the PCB I can go to Design -> Classes And make a new class so that it may be used in my routing rules. However if I now go back to the schematic and I select Design -> Update PCB Document -> I get Remove...
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    protecting FET from inductive kickback

    inductive kickback Dear People, I have a FET turning on a motor, its a 24V, 3A motor, so its not overly big; the FET keeps dying, as well as a cap I placed, 600V also keeps dying on me. I need the thing to turn on quickly using a FET, can anyone recommand protection techniques for it (i dont...
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    HCS12 BDM schematic request

    bdm for hcs12 Dear People, I am planning on using the MC9S12NE64, this is new chip to me; i need a bdm to program this device. can anyone recommand a suitable programmer bdm or otherwise schematic. thank-YOU movingbait Ü
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    How to interface FPGA to Wireless card?

    wlan card with fpga Does anyone know of method of interfacing a FPGA to an existing Wireless card. I know it depends on chipset and "codes" issued to card, I am wondering if someone attempted this 1st. Regards, Ü.
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    linux/Kdevelop screen capture

    Dear People, Could anyone recommand libraries i should look in in Linux or projects on how to do a screen capture, this will be converted into video so i need it quite smooth, so far i have been able to do this but its 2 damn slow on the capture. if any one could recomand discussion board...
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    diffrence between flat and chekered ground plane?

    hi. does anyone know why anyone would place a ground plane, but its checkered, so there are thin bands of non-cupper dips through-out the ground plane. example would be a 10mil trace with a 30 mil spacing, so there are areas of non cupper in the ground plane are they trying to save cupper or...
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    low voltage NOT gate below 0.7V

    good day. does anyone know anything about low voltage analog logic , of particular to me is how a not gate is made (the building block for everything). i dont think its possible with transistors/FET's as they have a minimum of 0.7V drop so ... If anyone could provide further hints i would...
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    method to generate colour images on TV advice needed

    Good-day. I am looking to generate a colour image on TV from a jpeg or some-other supported type image. I am looking for a chip sollution. If anyone has any hints on chips to use or other wise. Thanks All movinbait Ȇ
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    Feedback on using a neurophone

    has anyone ever dealt with this device? i have found it has a patent as well as a web site that has schematics **broken link removed** they seem to be fine but has anyone actually used/heard of one being used. any feedback on the subject would be most welcome
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    making home made via holes

    good day does any one know a way to make a double sided board via (conductive through hole) for a PCB. if anyone has any tips/methods please share. there will be smt components as well as places where the DIL foot acts as the top and bottom layer so it cant be a wire, but a "true" via or...

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