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    Different Vt on the same diffussion (Need Pointers)

    Hi Everyone, I'm at the dead-end here and don't know what to do, really need your help. I'm having a layout design in such a way that two transistors are sharing the same diffussion. (Refer to the picture below) Where the first transistor drain is connected to the second transistor gate The...
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    Transmission Gate Propagation Delay

    gate propagation delay Hi everyone, I'm currently performing failure analysis on one my devices. I would like to know which of Design (Design A and B) have a longer propagation delay from the Input to the Output (refer to the diagram)? Assuming that all the transistor parameters are...
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    Can anyone help to intepret this verilog expression?

    Hi, I'm a noob in verilog language, I was looking through a verilog code an encounter this expression: parameter DATA_WIDTH = 72 reg [DATA_WIDTH - 1: 0] data; reg [DATA_WIDTH - 1: 0] ndata; wire [1:0] data_background data <= { (DATA_WIDTH + 1) / 2 {data_background}}; ndata <=...
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    Please Help. I need some ideas to isolate this problem :(

    Hi guys, I need your help. I'm actually working on isolating a failure on an FPGA. From the electrical analysis I was able to identified the failure was caused by a driver or a multiplexer (Circuit.jpg) which was stuck logic 0 instead of driving a 1. I was able to disable the driver. In hope...
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    How to interpret this value 3.3/2.5?

    what is value of 3.3 and 2.5 Hi, I'm looking at the datasheet and I came across this description for a VCCSEL pin. When they say VCCSEL can control whether a 3.3-/2.5-V input buffer or 1.8-/1.5-V input buffer. Does it mean it can receive input voltage of 3.3 and 2.5V or 1.8 or 1.5V? Thanks
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    What is leakage current?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what is leakage current? How is it cause? If for example a device that was tested on a tester board have a very high leakage current how to overcome this problem?
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    Can anyone help me explain this terms?

    Hi, Can anyone help me explain this terms? 1. Metal7, Metal8, Metal9 - Is there any website that provides a clear explanation on the die fabrication process? 2. Clock tree 3. Parasitic fanout Thanks
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    How to implement a 2x clock multiplier in digital logic?

    Hi, Does anyone know how to implement a 2x clock multiplier in digital logic. I.e frequency of 1kHz to 2kHz? Thanks
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    What is NOT gate push-back technique?

    not gate push-back Hi, Can anyone explain to me what is NOT gate push-back technique? Thanks
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    How to slow down servo motor?

    servo slow down Hi, I was working with a servo controller recently. My initial design was using two 555 timer. One is an astable which generate 20ms period and a monostable which i use a potentiometer to control the pulse duration. I was able to control the speed and the position of the servo...
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    Floating node create problem in the switching circuit

    Good day everyone, I was working with the switching circuit which is provided by IanP. I encounter some problem with the floating node which is the connection to the microcontroller. As when the microcontroller is off and the power supply connecting the 9V is on it generates a high impedance...
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    Large voltage drop in MOSFET

    Hi guys, I'm rather new in power switching circuits. I'm using a IRF 640 N-channel mosfet with the drain connected to approximately 9 V and the source to the load. I'm using the MOSFET as a switch to turn on my power supply using a microcontroller this power supply will be fed into a 5V...
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    how to turn on 5V regulator digitally

    lm317 5v regulator Hi, I'm working on a project that runs on two 5V regulator. I need to on the 5V regulator after a delay of 2 seconds after the first regulator is turn on. Is there any regulator that I can use that can turn on the regulator digitally ( i.e with a control signal). Thanks
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    Soldering Iron for Surface Mount Device

    Hi guys, I'm working on project which require soldering surface mount devices. Does anyone have any recommendation of soldering iron station with good temperature control. Thanks
  15. Z

    How to calculate the Y-parameter for this network?

    calculate y parameters Hi guys, I have a FET model here. Can you show me the steps for calculating this Y-parameter network. I tried but due to the current source I'm stuck. thanks a lot
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    Anyone know any PDIP packaging for a octal bus tranceiver

    Hi guys, Do you guys any octal bus tranceiver converting 3.3V to 5V with a PDIP packaging? One of the octal bus tranceiver i found was 74LVC2425 but it is in SOIC packaging :(
  17. Z

    How does an inverted pendulum work?

    Hi guys, I'm working on an inverted pendulum on my project. But sad to say I have no idea how it works. I used a camera and a pendulum attached on a dc brushless motor to run it. But is not responding quick enough. Is there any other method that I can used to make my inverted pendulum work...
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    Does anyone have a sample program for V-stamp using a PIC?

    Hi, Does anyone have a sample program for V-stamp speech synthesizer using a PIC? Thanks.
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    Can anyone please check my code? Is not working

    Hi guys, I'm using PIC16F877A with CCS C compiler to develop my program. Initially I used portC and portD but I decided to change to portA and portB but after changing is not working? Can anyone point out the problem in my code: struct lcd_pin_def { BOOLEAN cd; // A0 Command/Data...
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    Anyone has a sample program for GPS for RCM 3200?

    Hi guys, Recently I just purchased a rabbit core microcontroller but I'm still figuring out how to use it's Dynamic C compiler. Does anyone have a sample program to acquire data from GPS for a rabbit core microcontroller in Dynamic C? Thanks

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