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    Axial Ratio (AR) in HFSS?

    Hi, How can I calculate the axial ratio of my patch antenna? Thanks. -- Soyuz
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    Axial Ratio of my patch antenna in HFSS?

    Hi, How can I calculate axial ratio of my patch antenna? I am using HFSS v10. Thanks.
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    Positive S11 (return Loss)?!!!??

    Thanks all. It seems like it was the "interpolation" alalysis. I am using HFSS and tried the "Fast" analysis. Now the letrun loss is all below 0 db but then my RL is worse over my frequency band of interest. :(
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    Positive S11 (return Loss)?!!!??

    positive return loss Hi, I have modeled a partch antenna (including the feed structure). But the problem is when I plot the Return Loss (dB) over the frequency range there is a section where the return loss is > 0 db and reaches a peak of 6dB. Thats doesn't make sence to me. It's a passive...
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    What is the latest C++ compiler you recommend?

    winmm32.lib+vc++ I am not sure if it was a typo to summarize C++ as a disaster. If its not, then I think you better come up with that book as we all need to learn why "C++" is a disaster. This sure will be a great contribution to "programming" domain. I will in a way agree with you on above...
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    Can't transfer logic thinking into hardware descriptive VHDL

    vhdl code for mux & demultiplexer Coming from the Software Engineering background (long time and various lang) I had the same issue. Overcoming the 'sequential code flow' thinking pattern and learning to think in terms of 'simultaneous signals' is indeed the biggest hurdle. (Note the use of...
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    What is TSR in C. How can i make my own fonts is turbo c.

    Re: What is TSR in C. How can i make my own fonts is turbo c Just to make sure that you get proper answer, Are you trying to change the system font of the system. For example the fonst that we see (or used to see) in DOS/Linux console? The come from a char map in the memory and you need to...
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    What is IVT & ISR in C?

    IVT = Interrupt Vector Table -- This is a table maintained by OS for the what function to call for interrupts. So you can think of it as in one column having the ID of an interrupt and the other column contains the function pointer that should be executed in case of that interrupt happens. ISR...
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    HFSS v10 - Patch Antenna Gain & Efficiency Plotting?

    Thanks savedadogs! It helped. I did check the tutorial before but somehow missed last line. So for those who might make the same mistake.. The last line in the tutorial tells you how to do it.
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    Dipole matching problem

    I think I have seen papers in IEEE about use of Balun to match and feed printed Dipole.
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    HFSS v10 - Patch Antenna Gain & Efficiency Plotting?

    Hi All, How can I calculate/plot the Gain and Efficiency of my antenna? (1) At single/solution frequency (2) Over the frequency sweep Apologize about the reposting but I am clueless on this? Thanks, Soyuz
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    HELP: What is the name of this antenna ?

    Hi, Is it possible to get the paper / source of the the design? It could be useful for me. Thanks.
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    HFSS Beginner - Patch antenna efficiency & gain calculat

    Hi All, How can I calculate the efficiency and gain of an patch antenna modeled in HFSS? Regards, -- Soyuz
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    Matching/Transformation Network for Freq depndt Impedance?

    Hi, I feed to feed a Patch Antenna (Edge Fed with MStrip Line) where the Input impedance at the edge of my antenna varies from rapidly over my band of interest. Note: I have resonance at the centre freq but below and above that its comples Impedance. Any suggestion on what kind of...
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    Patch Antenna & HFSS

    Hi Borich, It helped a lot. Now I know I am in the right track. Thanks for the doc. A minor issue though, I haven't set up my feed as MStrip. Right now its a lumped port right at the edge of my patch and I plan to do optimetrics on moving the feed towards the centre (I can roughly calculate...
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    Patch Antenna & HFSS

    Hi, I am new to EM (So to HFSS). I have used FDTD for my initial Patch Antenna simulation so I have some basic concepts. Now I need to do a fast start in HFSS. I will summarize my situation so that it helps your suggestions. I know how to calculate dimensions for the patch and substrate for...
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    An electrically small antenna?

    Hi, What Freq you are talking about? Its important to know that when you want to find something that is "electrically small". Regards, Soyuz

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