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    mixer followed by diplex filter

    What benifits does that will get? I'm confused about it! I wonder if you can give me some suggestions obout it,TKS!
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    The chip wll be damaged in this operating condition?

    Hi,all! I use WJ amplifier SCG002.The main parameters of this chip are (1、absolute maximum RF input power(continuous):+12dBm.2、Absolute maximum junction temperature:+250 degree.3、Package:SOT89.4、DC supply:3.9V/45mA. 5、operating case temperature:-40 to +85 degree.6、thermal resistance:about...
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    How about this PCB,TKS!

    Hi all: It's the first RF PCB in my life.I don't know how it will work.Maybe very badly.I would if you can give me some comments on the board,to tell me where it's good and where bad.TKS! About the board:(see the attachment of the next reply) It's a receiver circuit.While working,it will receive...
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    Why filter can't cascade in series?

    cascade saw filter -80db Today,I connected two filters by coaxial lines of 50 ohm in series to get a better performance of the filters.But on the net analyser's screen,I saw several unexpected peaks of S12 beside the center frequency.I simulated this case by Ansoft Designer,I found the...
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    How to calculate PIN diode's power capacity?

    pin diode power I designed a RF ciucuit in which there were some PIN diodes to decide a operating RF path.The RF signal will pass by a PIN diode when it's path was choiced.It worked well under a -10dbm signal power generator.But when I added up the RF signal power to 20Watts,the performance of...
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    problem about PIN diodes

    Hi,all! Merry Christmas! I now have troubles in designing a hopping filter.It was made of a fixed combline cavity and a capacitors matrix which fixed at the end of the bar.Each branch of the matrix will decide an available center frequency of the filter.Each branch is mainly made of a PIN diode...
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    some questions about cavity filter!

    hi! I wanted to design a cavity filter.I had drafted the 3D model.(you can see the attachment of the post).First,I needed only design a fixed frequency filter.but later,my boss told me I must think more for redesigning it as a tunable filter.I planed to use a cavity and set a tunable...
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    what structure to develop a low IL chip filter!

    I find the spec of chip filter in big company is very rigorous.But I find chip filter on IEEE paper is usually poor.For example,by LTCC technology,on IEEE paper, the insertion loss is usually up to about 3 db,but by some companys' introduction,the value of their productions is usually about...
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    how to realize a perfectE plane!

    while simulating,I set a horizontal stripline connected with a vertical perfectE plane at the end of the stripeline. I have thought that I could make a big ground plane conected with other ground plane to take place the perfectE.but the result is very terrible.I have no idea of how to realize...
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    Broadband bandpass filter with microstrip line!

    broadband microstrip filter I want to design a broadband(50%) bandpass filter with a 1mm thick FR4 board at the center frequency of 600MHz. First,I used the interdigital model.But the S11 was very poor.I can only lay out the microstrip filter on a Maximum area of 10cm X 10cm.So I can't use 1/4...
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    Difference between matallization and solid plane!

    In a paper,the difference characteristics of three kinds of ground plane were described.I wonder what's the difference between matallization and solid ground plane.In my mind,they are the same just with the difference of name.Would somebody like to tell me that!TKS!!!
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    what is T-pattern microstrip resonator?

    I'm worried about this! Who can tell me something about this? TKS
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    How to handle via in hi-frequency multilayer board

    We want to develop some hi-frequency multilayer board components.The frequency is high enough that we have to build the component with microstrip line or stripline.But when it come to the vias,we really don't know how to handle them during our design.What effect they will do to the performance...
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    How to obtain coupling coefficient between resonators?

    how to find coupling coefficient I will make a Hairpin-line Bandpass Filters which is made up of some coupling 1/2 wavelength resonators .Now I wonder how to get the external quality factor which change with the taped line position at the start and end resonator and the coupling coefficients...
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    What do I need to build a LTCC assembly line?

    A question about LTCC I wonder whether somebody can tell me if I want to build a simplest LTCC assembly line,what equipments do we need ? TKS best regards
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    Article for HFSS ports and bounds design

    I belive it will help people who study HFSS design recently.
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    some useful LTCC articles I collected.

    I'm interested in LTCC study very much!~ I think we can get in touch if necessary
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    How to define wave port in HFSS

    define a port I'm a freshman in RF design.I really wonder what's the difference of various ports.I have studied the help file,but still confused! Can you give some definite article about the mave port definition! TKS!

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