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  1. K

    a question:the accuracy of ads moment ?

    You should use probably a more dense mesh to simulate such problem in Mom( cells per wavelength>30, edge mesh on). If you used adaptive meshing in HFSS and the convergence criteria was reached und most of all, you have correctly modeled, the results of HFSS will be more exact than that of MOM.
  2. K

    lumped element in CST MWO

    cst lumped element Does anybody ever try to use the lumped element in the CST simulation? I added a capacitor between two ports, and I got a total different result as if I export the Touchstone file at first and add it in a circuit simulator. I really don't know why. Could someone help me...
  3. K

    Simulation with IE3D - which result is more accurate

    I got two different resonance frequencies from two runs. I don't know,which one is more accurate. Therefore my question is: if I want to get the most exact simulationresult between 2.3 and 2.6 GHz, how do I choose the meshing frequency and the freqency range of simulation? Thanks!
  4. K

    Simulation with IE3D - which result is more accurate

    Simulation with IE3D I simulated a planar structure two times. At the first time from 2 to 3 GHz(meshing at 3 GHz) and the second from 2.3 to 2.6 GHz(meshing at 2.6 GHz). I get two reults, which are a lot different. Could somebody tell me, which one is more accurate? Thanks!
  5. K

    How to simulate a microstrip antenna array

    agilent microstrip antenna array IE3d or Emsemble
  6. K

    CST MWO 4 examples - please help

    mwo 4 Hi, could someone upload the whole examples of CST MWO 4? Thanks a lot!
  7. K

    printed monopole overview needed

    Maybe this doc is interesting for someone. But I couldn't find any pictures of typical radiation pattern of the antenna.
  8. K

    Printed monople - any experiences?

    I couldn't agree more. But I don't like the EM simulator of Genesys or MWO because of its methode of meshing. I think IE3D is the best for planar structure by far.
  9. K

    printed monopole overview needed

    Hi, thanks everone. I think this typ of antenna is really sómething for the future because of its small size and lowcost.
  10. K

    printed monopole overview needed

    printed monopole Hi, Can somebody give me a overview of printed monople? I appreciate it if there are some easily unterstanding examples. Thanks.
  11. K

    Printed monople - any experiences?

    Printed monople Hi,has someone any expierence with simulation of a printed monopole? I need a example project. It could be for IE3d,Momentum,Emseble,Ansoft HFSS or Microwave studio 3. Thanks in advance! 8)

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