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    problem on the alarm clock using c to write

    i now doing in the mini project about the alarm clock using c to write. And we need to display the time on the LCD display and the menu to select some function. Can anyone give me some useful web about the program of how to make a alarm clock thx....
  2. C

    How to stable the simple DC motor.

    Thx a lot... i need to control the VELOCITY and the Direction ar. What is PID control means ar... thx
  3. C

    How to stable the simple DC motor.

    Now I am doing on the project on the car. it have two motor to control the car movement. We using the MCU of AT89S53 to control the car. The power of the circult is separat from the motor power. We using the two pins of MCU connect to the motor driver SN74410 and the motor diver is then connect...

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