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    open cores - USB Core Query - legal issue

    USB Core Query Hello PPL, I have a wague question. can i use the open cores code for my final product, will there be any royalty or any other issues related? we have a requirement of using the USB 2.0 CORE, as IP CORE from Vendor is costly. comments are invited Thanks in advance Pradeep Kumar
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    Which company provides non linear ADCs?

    hi ppl, I have tried to search for non linear ADC from TI & AD, but i did not get any. is there any company that provides us with non linear ADCs ? please help me in this regard Thanks in advance Pradeep
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    How to Interface ADC & FPGA( board design) :?:

    Hello Folks, I am a newbie in Board designing, i need help in understanding how to interconnect or interface an ADC with an FPGA (Spartan 3A DSP chip). i dont have any idea as to how it is done.. Please can any body give me relavent information or sites or documents which help me with this...
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    Any course on SystemVerilog

    systemverilog training india Hello friends i am a newbie w.r.t SystemVerilog, i wanted to learn course on verification using systemverilog. i have been through the materials available on net..but still i feel i should have an expert guidance on SV and hands on experience with SV tools Is...
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    which version of synplify pro supports System Verilog

    and can we download that? Thanks in advance Pradeep
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    Need Info regarding audio video for FPGA

    Hi Every Body, i am a recent college grad.. i am at basic level of understanding.. presently our application is to take 4 video and 2 audio inputs and do processing in an FPGA.. so actually i wanted to know mainly 1) which FPGA supports both audio and video inputs 2) And does audio video...

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