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    ringing in flyback SMPS

    One question, the ringing tendency is less in case of flyback continuous mode rather than discontinuous mode. Please tell me whether it is correct or not. Regards jagspaul
  2. J

    Why high ripple present in my first SMPS project

    I have made one 12 volt 2 amp smps using uc3844 pwm controller with MOSFET switching frequency 100 Khz. When I measure the output with digital and analog multimeter the output is stable for both meters. But when I connected the output to oscilloscope (2volt/dev and 2us/dev) high ripple voltage...
  3. J

    need help for 12 volt 4 Amp flyback SMPS Design with UC3844

    12volt smps I am new in SMPS system. I have only theoretical idea (no practical). I have made the 12 Volt 1Amp rating SMPS with ST Viper22 PWM controller and found excellent result. But i want to built SMPS only with discreet PWM current mode controller (UC3844/45) and power mosfet, which is...
  4. J

    12 watt SMPS using uc3845 & MJE13007

    uc3845 i have made a 12V ,1 amp SMPS Using uc3845 and MJE13007 (NPN Transistor). for load current 100 mA the smps is stable but whe load current is 500 mA the transistor getting damage (Base collector junction short circuit). please help. regards Jagadish

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