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    fpga advantage Hello there. I have created and simulated a project (a simple counter) with Mentor Fpga Advantage with Precision synt. Now I have to generate a .jed file (programming file) for a xilinx CPLD (XPLA3). Please (I'm new in Fpga adv, but I must use it, I know quite well Xilinx ISE)...
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    Mentor Graphics DXDESIGNER HELP

    mentor graphics dxdesigner Hello! I'm quite new in DXDESIGNER (for expedition). I have the following problems: 1) I have a central library with my own symbol and parts. For specialized pin (like gnd and pwr) i have to load the builtin library (lying in the istallation directory of 2005EXP). In...
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    Orcad capture to expedition PCB

    orcad to expedition Hello, I have a Orcad Capture schematic. I'd like to use expedition PCB as a routing tool. I need information about the procedure to do that. In Orcad capture I can generate lots of netlist but I don't know how to link parts (I have build again symbols in dxdesigner format...

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