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    Gaussian Distribution

    Oh.. That was an illuminating obervation...
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    Nature of Sound signals: Real or Complex

    Nothing is complex in the world. We have introduced "a theory" of complex numbers so that we can accomodate inexplicable phenomenon under that. Like we don't define log(-1).. but it can be represented as a complex number.. Similarly asin(n) where mod(n)>1... For sound signals, they reach our...
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    Which Matlab function can count the time consumption of a Matlab M-script?

    Re: Need Matlab Function Also.. when u use a number of functions in ur code and u want to know the time taken in each of the function use "Profile" command.. It really rocks in the sense tht even time taken inside inbuilt funcctions are computed and displayed.
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    100 points for matlab code

    it will always be better if you type the codes urself... u can make it flexible based on ur needs... unlike in a borrowed code where u need to spend hack lot of time learning what it is all about.............
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    How to calculate of the requirements of Op-am when designing a filter?

    Re: OP-AMP in filter for example the 741 has a 1MHz BW - gain product.. and u can use it only to design filters in the range of max some 100 KHz...
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    generating clock signal

    why dont u refer to Mazzidi - 8051 Microcontroller.. It has a neat interfacing ckt wit a crystal...
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    how to model PLL using MATLAB?

    pll matlab simulink well.. its a nice exercise in understanding plls.. u cud start wit 1 order and then move on to 2nd order.. The basic eqn are avilable in comm sys by simon haykin.......
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    Ideas for graduation project in Electronics and Communication

    Re: Projects y dont u try your hands on FPGA projects?? They are a huge active area of research!
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    How can I calculate the period of this signal?

    It is best if u can form an appropriate idea by taking the data tip marker from matlab, find the separation between 2 points tat are similar and divide it by 369 Hz!!!
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    request:An idea for graduating research

    I am also looking at a Graduate research area, but the focus these days is too much on wireless that Ive convinced myself somehow to enter into optical communication. It is the future link for high speed communications and its capacity is unlikely to be exceeded by mobile or wired networks. So...
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    Help me solve an inequality question

    Re: Inequality question Use |x|=x if x>0 and |x|=-x if x<0 thus the eqn presents no soluton for |x-1|>0.... But all values are satisfying the soln. for |x-1|<0 Thus x<=1 is the answer.....:)
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    Using ohmmeter to measure diode resistance

    Re: diode resistance u can instead try measuring the voltage and current through the diode using a multimeter at a particular value of bias and then divide them..
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    Microwave Engineering

    microwave engineering david pozar rapidshare please read Microwave engg.. by collins.. it is really amazing.. with lucid explanation and understanding...
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    Gaussian Distribution

    hello.. could u tell me the mathematical backgrd of considering it as gaussian.. do u say tat jus bcos it was increasing exponentially.. it cud ve anythin.. say k^x...
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    What does "bitwise complement" mean?

    it is very simple.. just consider all the indvdl bits to be voltage levels and feed them to not gates... the output of the not gates provides the bitwise complement..
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    Looking for info about transmission lines design

    Re: Transmission Lines hey.. transmission lines is an extensive area which is also very interesting.. use ryder for basics.. umesh sinha is also very good.. added to tat a number of applets are available free on the Net to physically view the simulations.. All the best...
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    Designing a bandpass elliptic filter

    elliptic filter design tool First calculate all ripples tolerable in the passband and stopband through the help of matlab. Then standard circuits may be available for elliptic filter design. Or look for ICs through Net. Select parameter values to suit your ripple and gain factors.
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    Why my Amp doesn't work?

    Yes.. The main reason would be the saturation of your amplifiers.
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    What's the effect of the resistor in an inverter?

    Re: inverter question hello yutian cud u explain more properly.. i thought it was basically to limit the current through the first CMOS... and create lower voltage level inputs for the 2nd..
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    pl look into sedra smith book for some problems.. doing them will enhance ur understanding!!!

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