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    Laser diode ML520G72 failed?

    Hi I try to drive a laser diode, ML520G72 (Mitsubishi) with an iC-HG integrated circuit driver, setting the current at about 280mA. however i failed to see any light out of it. when i soldered the laser diode i was grounded and connected the pins very fast. i could not figure out what really...
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    [SOLVED] How to connect a 3 pin laser diode to a laser driver

    Hi Got a laser diode ML520G72 with 3 pins and wanna connect it two universal IC driver with a cathode and an anode output. the diode will be driven in pulsed mode. how should it be connected? where should the can pin connected? Thank you
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    Wonder if a CW diode can be pulsed, giving the same output power

    Some laser diodes can work in both CW and pulsed mode efficiently. I have noticed that the peak power is higher in pulsed mode than in CW mode for some lasers Lets say there is a 1W 445nm blue laser diode in CW. If i want to pulse it to 25ns, can it give stable 1W peak power in 25ns?
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    how to compensate for pulse broadening in Darlington Pair

    Hi all, a Darlington pair with two 2N2222 transistors were used to drive a laser diode working at 1.2A, however, there is about 100ns delay in the optical output as well as two or three times the pulse broadening wrt to the electrical signal. delay can be tolerated but not the optical pulse...
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    Can laser diode be modeled as LED in LTspice?

    hi just wonder if LED can be used in place of laser diode in simulating the pulsed laser driver circuit in LT spice thank you
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    generate single pulse

    how can one generate a single pulse with tektronix 284 pulse generator? is there any other alternative for generating single pulse in nanosecond? thanks
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    driver circuit for 100mW red laser diode to produce a 25ns pulse

    :razz:hi need a driver circuit for a 100 mW red laser diode (laser pointer) to produce a single 25ns pulse. the repetition doesnt have to be high. your suggestions would be very much appreciated. thank you in advance

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