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    PSRR Instrument Amplifier

    how to calculate the PSRR of IA (instrumentation amplifier). I want to derive equations. thanks
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    Spectre Vs Smartspice

    spectre to smartspice I have few circuits which works well with spectre but do not in the case of smartspice.. What could be the problem? Pls help Thanks
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    How to solve the problem of PFD dead zone?

    Dear All, Inserting delay into PFD is seems to be not help full. Can somebody guide on; how to improve speed of Charge Pump to solve dead zone problem? Thanks
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    can i do circuit simulation in spectre like we do in hspice?

    i do want to use spectre for circuit simulation... bcoz hspice is not available to me.... help
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    how to do mixed signal simulation in spectre using netlist?

    mixed simulation spectre thanks
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    How to open .rar format files?

    how to? i have downloaded some file of tutorials which are in *.rar format. how to see them?
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    Why bias current in folded cascode is higher than in simple?

    Basic Question Q2. Total bias current in folded cascode case is required higher than in simple cascode stage to achieve same performance. why???
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    Question about output resistance in opamp and bias current

    why??? Q1. To achieve highe gain in voltage amplifer output resistance is increased. And increasing output resistance may seem to make the speed of circuit quite susceptible to the load capacitance. why??? Q2. Total bias current in folded cascode case is required higher than...
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    Want to understand matching

    Can somebody explain about matching in analog circuit design? I donot know even a bit about this so needed detailed document.
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    Where can I find analog circuit design examples?

    need guide line i want to learn analog circuit design doing actual examples. where can i get circuit examples which can be simulated.
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    Where can I find example projects on analog circuit design?

    where can I find? hai ALL, I want to learn about analog ic design doing actual projects. Where can i get example projects on analog circuit design...
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    Where r the online projects?

    Hai to all, Do we have online projects(problems) available in the field of analog circuit design. Solving (Simulating) which one can learn and get good understanding of analog ic design.
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    online analog circuit design study?

    Can anybody give references for online depth study of analog circuit design. thanks
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    Circuit problem's after layout design?

    When I simulated VCO(in this case ring) using netlist extracted from layout design , I got to see no oscillation at the out for some of the voltages. say, vco simulated for 1- 1.8 volt. From 1-1.6 V , no probs, but at 1.7 & 1.8 volt simulation fails. Oscillator doesnot oscillate. What could...
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    Which type of VCO is generally used in PLL design?

    VCO architecture Which type of VCO (LC or Ring) is generally used in PLL design. Does it depend upon the application of IC.

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