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    Flash memory of cisco switch "catalyst 2950"

    Hi all Please I erased the flash of the switch by mistake while configuring it and turn off the switch , is there any way to setup the IOS again or what should I do?? Thanks in advance
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    The difference between the RedHat and SUSE Linux.

    Hi all; Please I want to ask about the difference between the redhat version of Linux and SUSE Linux. If I take a course in any of them is there a great difference between versions or no? Please I need detailed information as much as possible. Thanks alot
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    How can I put random data as source in OrCAD?

    hi all how can i put random data as source in orcad?
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    Orcad library with opamp in the range of 1 MHz

    please if any one knows the name of a library in the orcad that contains opamps that can work on the range of 1 MHz please help me
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    clock and data recovery

    hi all, please i need help in designing the low pass filter that can be used in the clock and data recovery circuits. please if any know how to design it please help me. i use hogge phase detector and the loop is complete but there is no locking to the frequency of the input random data which...
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    Help me with designing a power meter (freq. KHz ~ MHz)

    power meter hi all; I want to design a simple power meter that works on frequency range from few KHz to few MHz. Can anyone help me? thanks alot
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    Looking for monostable chip that works at 1.2 mega

    monostable please i want a monostable chip that works at 1.2 Mega
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    power meter using PIC

    please can anyone help me to make PIC program to be use in the power measurement
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    PLL4046a: inserting a pspice model

    74hc4046 spice Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii again; first how can I insert a pspice model in the program itself second i want to use 74HC4046 instead of CD4046 but I still can't find the ic or the model redards; haitham
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    Looking for Orcad model of 74HC4046A

    74HC4046A model Hi alllllllll; this is my first post and I hope to get a fast reply Can any one help me to get a orcad model of 74HC4046A? thanks alot

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