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    Can a lead acid batter be changed and use at the same time

    I am doing a solar tracker that will charged a 12V 7.2AH lead acid battery. So my plan is the solar panel will charged the battery at the same time the battery will provide power to the motor for the solar tracker movement. Is this possible to do it by using a lead acid battery?
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    Lead Acid Battery charger

    Can i connect my hardware to the 12v lead Acid battery when it is charged with 13.5V. If can what will be the output voltage
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    Phase locked loop lock range

    Hey huys... do u all know how to set the phase locked loop locked range from 1Mhz to 10Mhz? I am using 74Hc4046AE IC . below is my schematic. I know i new to change the value of low pass filter and pin 11 resistor and pind 6<7 capacitor. can you guys teach me/ help me change the value. Tq
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    Light Dependent Resistor(LDR) tolerance problem

    I am designing a solar tracker using 2 LDR and a op-amp as a comparator to compare the light intensity from LDR. Below is my schematic The problem is the LDR that I bought won't have exactly the same resistance when receive same light. There are some difference on the resistance especially at...
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    Which voltage regulator is better to use?

    I am trying to regulate voltage from solar panel to 12v. the maximum voltage of the solar panel is 18v and 0.6A. Which voltage regulator is better to use LM317 or 7812.
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    [Moved] Identify MOSFET Transistor

    I am trying to use 4 mosfet tansistor to build a H-bridge to control the motor. The input voltage should be 12V and 1A. Can any one suggest which mosfet transistor is suitable for the circuit. Thanks
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    H-Bridge for dc motor problem

    Hi, I am using a H-Bridge with 4 transistor(2 TIP31a, 2 TIP32a). Following is my circuit I supply 12V to the collector of TIP31a and 3V to the base. Then motor will start run when I supply 3v to one side and other side to ground,but it run at about 2.3V instead of 12 V. How can I make the motor...
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    Solar Battery Charger

    I am trying to do a solar charger to charge up a lead acid battery. My solar panel will generate a about 22V and 0.24A with about 5W power. Is it possible to charge up a 12V 7.2AH battery. How long can the battery be charged. I found out some circuit diagram in internet but most of the solar...
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    [SOLVED] Suggestion on trigger circuit

    I plan to do a circuit than will power up a LED for 5s after i press a button without using a microcontroller. Can any one give me a suggestion on how to design such a circuit???
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    [SOLVED] temperature sensor using pic16f887

    I am trying to do a temperature sensor using pic16f887 and then display on LCD. The output from the LM35 is constant but the display temperature on LCD won't be constant, the reading always jump. So is my code got problem?? // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at RB4_bit; sbit LCD_EN at...
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    RS232 as power supplyer

    I am planning to using a RS232 to supply voltage to my circuit. In this circuit the LCD will read out the temperature sense by LM35 and display it. The pic also will send the temperature to pc and store it. My problem is, initially my LCD give out some reading then after a few second it then...
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    [SOLVED] Solar Tracker problem: LDR not equal

    Excuse me, can any one help me with my project. I am going to build a solar tracker but i found out that the LDR of my circuit always have not equal resistance during night causing the motor run non stop at night. I try buy 4 to 5 set of LDR but all the resistance not equal. I am using the...
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    how to calculated the resistance required to limit the current of a fan

    how to calculated the resistance required to limit the current of a fan connected 2 a 8051 microcontroller Here is a part of the diagram Note: Calculate R as to limit the current
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    schematic diagram for variable speed control fan with temperature sensor

    can u all pls help me draw/find the schematic diagram for variable fan control fan with temperature sensor using at89s51 microcontroller

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