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    transformation length problem of FFT in VHDL

    Hi. I am using xilinx FFT IP cores for FFT transformation but the problem is that FFT IP core takes fixed transformations length of 64,128,256,512,... is it possible to transform length of 50 , 100 , 126 etc. ie other than the available transform length of the iP core
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    question regarding usage of Generic in VHDL

    hi I am little confused regarding the generic usage in vhdl... I am trying to understand some reference code and I found this... generic ( APPDATA_WIDTH : integer := 64 ); port ( clk0,rst0 :in std_logic; rd_data_out : out std_logic_vector(APPDATA_WIDTH-1 downto 0)...
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    Program FPGA without iMPACT

    Hi... I have a bit file which I use to program FPGA using iMPACT.. but now I want to program FPGA using my GUI Interface I dont want to open iMPACT or install iMPACT on other PC's is it possible to download bit file directly by using c++ coding... any example or material is highly welcomed..
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    problem with FFT IP core

    I have generated FFT ouput from FFT IPcore 7.1 for a signal and i wanted to match it with the FFT result from matlab. as shown the result of both outputs are normalised to compare butl i found a little missmatch with the result. can any one indicate what is the reason for this mismatch...
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    sqt function required for rms calculation

    i want to calculate rms values of some signals. xrms = sqrt{ 1/n*( x_1^2 + x_2^2 + ...... + x_n^2 ) }. but the problem is sqrt operation. i have used cordac but it does not gives precise values u can either give integers or fractions. I have also tried sqrt function from fixed_alg_ug pkg but...

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