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    serial port data lines isolation methods

    Dear I think MAX250,1,2 is a good option. If you guest need isolation for the purpose of surge and error generation, its a good option. these MAX IC's provide you isolation from outer surges.
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    Designing a High-Voltage Nanosecond Pulse Generator

    shahbaz.ele yo can design your own. main parts are 1. low voltage pulse generator 2. amplifier 3. transformer 4. controlling unit (uicrocontroller etc)
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    [AVR] AVR ATMEGA32 simulations in Proteus ISIS

    yes both comments are helpful. you not need to worry about VCC and GND pins. if you want to change try shahbaz.ele's method.
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    how to calculate wattage of resistor in circuit

    its looks simple to me P = VxI = V'2xR = I'2xR P = 1000x0.0082 = 8.2 resistor should be 10 watt
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    impedence matching of two equipments

    you can add a diode and a resistor of 50ohm after diode. this will make your o/p 50ohm just try this i think this will solve your problem.
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    [SOLVED] Problems with 7912 regulator

    check out your regulators separatly also check out transformer to 7805 with its positive side. individual testing may be helpful as suggested by shahbaz.ele
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    current flow indication through induction

    why you do't use digital voltmeter for this purpose. It will not effect your load i think.
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    [SOLVED] Lcd backlight control with button

    ZASto thanks for your comments I mean to say normally you should use uC for switching BL. you can also directlly do by on-off button.
  9. K

    [SOLVED] Lcd backlight control with button

    LCD backlight could be ON and OFF with a switch directly, but it is not recommended you have to write a programme through third intrrupt nad add transistor to ON back light.
  10. K

    about matlab and simulink

    yes ode method will solve this problem.
  11. K

    [SOLVED] which mode is suitable for LCD interface

    you can use power down or idle mode, because intrrupts will wake up your circuit. After displaying complete messages you should enter idle mode intrrupt will wake up, then you perform your required commands and again enter idle mode. This will be enough I think you can understand what I want to say
  12. K

    help in Urdu messages display technology

    Dear according to your demand and application you can use graphic lcd or dot matrix display for it.
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    [SOLVED] charging of 7.2V (couple of cell 3.6V combined) circuit

    you can also use this https://www.powerstream.com/li.htm
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    [SOLVED] charging of 7.2V (couple of cell 3.6V combined) circuit

    good idea from kashif_gg add areference LEDs for charge complete or low battery
  15. K

    [SOLVED] problem in defining bits in Winavr

    you can use following instructions to set or clear bits of any register MCUCR |= (1<<0); //to set bit 0 of MCUCR MCUCR |= (1<<7); //to set bit 7 of MCUCR MCUCR &= ~(1<<0); //to clear bit 0 of MCUCR MCUCR &= ~(1<<7); //to clear bit 7 of MCUCR
  16. K

    [SOLVED] How to define ISR for INTO and INT1 in Winavr for ATmega32

    very simple see here http://winavr.scienceprog.com/avr-gcc-tutorial/avr-microcontroller-interrupts-handling-using-winavr.html
  17. K

    Automatic volume contol programming

    Another simple digital pot is DS1804-50 -100 -5 50,100 and 5 Kohm 100 steps
  18. K

    Maximum measurable frequency

    its timer 1 measuring the RC1 pin reading frequency. surely
  19. K

    Maximum measurable frequency

    Timer1 is reading the pin RC1, so I think Timer1 time will define the frequency as calculated by shahbaz.ele
  20. K

    Sound Recognition using Neural Networks

    MATLAB is easy to use for Neural Networks. But first you have to define the number of neurons and no of layers you want to use. these are simple equation which update its weights. try to read about neural networks then explain your problem please.

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