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    10 bit Differential, Bipolar input voltage ADC

    Hi, I need 10 bit, Differential, Bipolar input voltage ADC. I have searched but could not find. Range is not a problem, also number of input channels is not problem. I need this ADC for pH meter.
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    Strobe signal purpose

    Hi, What is a strobe signal?and what is its purpose in data acquisition?
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    Voltage Drop across wire if 0 V is applied from DC Source

    Hi, if 0 V is applied from a DC source and we have to measure bias of an ADC, will there be any effect of wire due to voltage drop across the wire connected to the ADC input channels
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    Digital Multimeters Resolution

    Hi, What does resolution of DMM means? e.g. Fluke 8846A has 6.5 digit resolution.
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    ADC static Test Parameters

    Hi, I want to know about the following DC Parameters for ADCs. 1. Integral Linearity Error=0.003 % FSR. 2. Gain Error = 1 % FSR. 3. Offset Error = 0.2 % FSR. What these terms mean?
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    Definition of Strobe in computing

    Hi, I want to know the meaning of Strobe? what does actually strobe means in computing.
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    Common Emitter amplifier

    Hi, Why there is phase change in Common Emitter Amplifier?
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    Intelligent Distributed Control System

    Hi, What is Intelligent Distributed Control System? I need Some Examples
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    Difference between Altium Designer and Protel99

    Hi, Are Altium Designer and Protel 99 same or Different software? If different, what is the difference?
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    IC for calculating square root of square of 3 voltages.

    Hi, Is there any IC available for calculating square root of the square of 3 voltages. i.e (v1²+V2²+V3²)½ if no IC is available, then can I implement this operation as mentioned above.
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    Writing program for 8051 in C & assembly for communication protocol

    Hi, I want to know how to write a program in assembly and C (for 8051 microcontroller) for the communication protocol, As shown below: SOC Ack LOD Ack DATA Ack EOC where; SOC: Start of communication Ack: Acknowledgment to remote station LOD: Length of data EOC: End of Conversion
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    Writing program for 8051 in C & assembly

    Hi how the program can be written in c 7 in assembly for question in attachment. I am facing difficulty, Please help me.
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    reference voltage of voltage regulators

    Hi What is meant by reference vooltage of voltage regulator?
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    Voltage controlled voltage source VCVS

    Hi, What is meant by VCVS and does it work?
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    How to Program 8051 for 30% duty cycle

    Hi i want to How to write Program to generate 10 Khz wave for 8051 using timers for 30% duty cycle.
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    Inverting Amplifier (Resistor on Non inverting Terminal)

    Hi, what is the effect of connecting a resistor on the non inverting input of an amplifier and input on the inverting terminal. while using an inverting configuration?

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