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    How to import data for VHDL testbench for 1024 point FFT in Xilinx Ise 9.1i?

    I am implementing a 1024 point FFT using Xilinx ise 9.1i. Is there a way I can import the data for test bench automatically, using Matlab or any other text file. Regards, Dhawal
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    Looking for documents about using Xilinx FFT core

    Hello, I am trying to use Xilinx FFT core v4.1. The data sheet is available online for the core. It doesnot help much to implement the core. Can someone please help me with any document or guidelines in order to use the core? Application note for this or anr old fftcore would be of great help...
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    Papers related to MTCMOS , power gating, clock gating and low power IC design

    Here is the Paper I found on Low Power IC Design
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    Documents about circuit diagram for ICO

    I am looking for some documents about the circuit diagram for the ICO. Can some one please direct me to the documente. Regards, Dhawal

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