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    Connecting the grounds of two power supplies

    HI Can the grounds of two different power supplies each supplying different voltages be connected? If not, why? And if they can... what about the theory of isolation? For instance in the case where a microprocessor operating at 5V is connected to a device using 240V, the have to be isolated...
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    Looking for info about rectifiers designed using transistors

    Hi I know that usually diodes or SCRs are used when designing rectifiers, but I'm looking for information on rectifiers designed using transistors. Does anyone have such information or at least know where I would be able to locate the info? Thanks
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    Help me with a C++ Inventory program

    c++ inventory Hi I was required to write a program to keep track of inventory for a farm. It entails the following: 1.We are required to use structures to store the name and quantity of each animal. 2. Allow the user to input a new animal (in alphabetical order) using the find function. 3...
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    Function / Waveform Generator Design using op-amps

    HI Does anyone have any idea how to design a function generator using op amps to produce triangular, sine, square and ramp waveforms? I also need to design for a level shifting of ± 1V. The sine is produced by an oscillator and the square by an astable multivibrator. I'm having problems...

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