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    regarding cpld programming

    Can anyone tell me what do I do regarding followimg? I am using ISE Webpack 9.1i for CPLD programming using VHDL.I tried to program XC9536XL CPLD PC44 package. I had generated programming file & configuring of IMPACT done.While program option has cliked that time its giving error...
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    regarding counter-vhdl code

    vhdl synchronous counter hi I wanna design "asynchronous" binary 8bit counter & 6 bit counter.8 bit counter will reset after 240(in hex-F0) & 6 bit counter will reset 40 bytes(28in hex).Can any1 plz give me VHDL code for it.it's very urgent. regards shraddha
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    Which code is more synthesizable: structural or behavioral?

    hi which code is more synthesizable?having structral or behavioral......its urgent coz i'm not gettimg simulatio results after that regards, Shraddha
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    serial communication between 2 PC

    code for serial communication betweem 2 pc hi i am trying to do serial communication between 2 computers with C-code.I have tried all the serial communication utilities (bioscom,_bios_serail_com,outp,outpb).my pc is receving the data but unable to transmit the data.plz tell me what do i do,its...
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    regarding development kit

    Dear all, currently i am working with XC9536Xl cpld-44pin vqfp.for coding & testing purpose i am looking 4 devlopment kit from Xilinx.but there is no such devlpoment kit available for XC9536CPLD,there is 1 board of XC9572XL -44pin plcc CPLD with Xilinx.will it be useful in my case? plz suggest...
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    Help me divide 24Mhz clock to get the 3Mhz clock frequency

    hi i want to divide 24Mhz clk to get the 3Mhz clk frequency.how it is done?can i do with simply with the 4bit binary ripple counter?also i want to implement this in CPLD.can anyone give VHDL code for it? regards shraddha
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    cpld as a display controller

    i want to interface lcd module (320×240 display having resolution of 5×7character) with microcontroller AT89s52.i am using XC9536xl vqfp 44pin cpld as a display controller. address generation for video ram is done by microcontroller as well as by cpld. 3 time sequence signals clk pulse,frame...
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    same features & pin compatiblity with xilinx cpld

    hi, now i am using xilinx's cpld XC9536XL-44pin. i want cpld from another manafacturer having same features & pin compatiblity with XC9536XL. for this should i do any other changes with my pcb also so that i can use any other manafacturer's 44pin cpld? i have searched altera's site but of no use
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    CPLD and FPGA of Altera and Xilinx

    why not altera's cplds & fpgas are mostly used?why only xilinx?can anyone tell differences? Which tools are required for impementing any cpld or fpga ?that means programmer,simulator etc.
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    measuring value of component

    how to measure value of any component which has been already mounted on the pcb & when that pcb is not powered up?for eg.value of resister or capacitor
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    compatibile with 8251

    ic 8251 is there any compatible IC with 8251 controller?not only pin compatible but with functions also......
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    How to configure SCI port of 89s51?

    where do i get details about serial communication interface port (i.e. UART of controller 89s51)of 89s51? can anyone tell how to configure SCI port of 89s51

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