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    P Channel Mosfet Driver

    high side p-channel mosfet driver I am building a switching time tester to test the p channel mosfet. I am thinking of using an IXDD414 with the gnd connected to gate and the out to source. I'm not sure if this will work, I've had problems in the past floating driver chips. I'm going to use an...
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    P Channel Mosfet Driver

    mosfet driver p channel Thats an n channel driver
  3. J

    P Channel Mosfet Driver

    p-channel mosfet driver I am trying to find a gate driver for a P Channel Mosfet, but can't find anything. Any suggestions? Id= -6.5A, Vgs= -10V and Vdd= -50V.
  4. J

    p-mosfet was not turned off

    To turn the gate of the P Mosfet on you have to apply a neg voltage, which you have done. If you want to turn off your mosfet, you should lower Vgs to 0V to completely turn it off, also placing a resistor from g to s should pull the voltage to gnd faster when vgs from -15V to 0V to create faster...

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