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  1. J

    LVDS signals and ground

    Hi everyone! I have a motherboared which sends 2 pairs of LVDS signals to a daughterboard through ffc cable. My question is, the receiver at daughterboard should it be supplied by vdd and ground coming from the original source of LVDS's signals(e.g. motherboard)? And if so, what is the minimum...
  2. J

    M-LVDS connectors for multidrop topology

    Hi everyone! In my system I wil have one motherboard and ten daughterboards, but they won't be pinned onto the motherboard, the communication between the master(motherboard) and the slaves (daughterboards) will be done through cables. Are there any cables and connectors for multidrop topology...
  3. J

    FSK symbol error probability

    Hi!I'm trying to plot in matlab the symbol error probability (fsk modulation through AWGN channel) vs snr (0-30 db) using repetition codes (n,1) for n=1,3,5,7. I must be doing something completely wrong because instead of improving the error probability as I increase n,it only gets worse!Has...
  4. J

    AWGN bit error probability

    Hello,I'm writing a project for a class but i'm having some difficulties in the theoretical part and i would like some help...In a transmition through AWGN channel with FSK modulation given that the bit error probability without encoding is Pa= (1/2) *[e^(-Eb/(2*No))] how can we prove that bit...
  5. J

    Communication between labview and CyUSB (Cypress)

    Hi!I want to use labview in ordrer to control Cypress USB (CY7C68013).Has anyone done anything similar?I'm having problems trying to communicate with CyUSB and i could really use some help.
  6. J

    Making changes from allegro to capture

    Hello,it's the first time i'm designing a pcb and i have some questions.I've almost finished my design in allegro but there were some mistakes in the schematic from capture.For instance,i want to assign a different footprint on a potentiometer i am using and to supply it from a different power...
  7. J

    How much current XC2C32A CPLD draws?

    CPLD power supply Hello,i'm using a cpld (XC2C32A) but i can't find how much current vcc(1.8V), vccaux (3.3V) and vccio(3.3V) draw.I'm thinking of using TPS76918 and TPS76933 as regulators,they can source up to 100mA,is this enough?(here is the link to the datasheet of the cpld if anyone can...
  8. J

    Help with a circuit.....

    Hello,i have this circuit which sources or sinks current and i should control Vin- and Vin+ with a pot with its 2 edges connected to a negative and a possitive power supply respectivelly.First of all i would like someone to explain how this circuit works because i don't really understand and...
  9. J

    Help understanding a circuit

    Hello,I found this circuit that should sink 0 to 10uA current.If i got that right,my output must be where the "Load resistor" is,however i don't want my output in series with the power supply (V3),i want to connect the output to a vlsi.If i simply connect a wire to the drain (the red line in the...
  10. J

    Programmable current source

    Hi everyone,I want to make a programmable current source (or current sink,depending on a digital signal) to provide me 0 to 10uA,10 bits resolution,but i am a beginner and i don't have a clue...Can anyone help???

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