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    Simple PIC Interrupt

    I'm writing a program for a PIC12HV615 to control the power to a computer and properly shut it down based on inputs from the ignition of a car and a momentary button. I'm writing the code in mBasic. Here's what I have so far: 'Raspberry Pi Control STATE VAR BYTE STATE = 0 MANOFF VAR BYTE MANOFF...
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    Need help with programming a PIC.

    Conditional Power Control Help Let me start off by saying that I really don't know much about microelectronics, but i know the basics. I'm decent programming wise, but I need help with one thing. I need a PIC (or other MCU?) to control power to a Raspberry Pi I'm going to hook up in my car. I...
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    Using SRAM to make Calculator

    I'm building a simple 4 function calculator out of basic logic circuits and SRAM (if it's best?). For addition and subtraction I'll do 8-bits, so 8-bits plus overflow out, these circuits aren't the problem. For Multiplication I have a circuit the does basic 4-bit x 4-bit multiplication, but I...
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    First 555 Monostable Circuit

    I'm very new with pcb's and electronics in general. I've created a schematic for a circuit I'd like to build. What I'm hoping it'll do is once the power is turned on, the output will go high for ~1 second, then remain low, so I went with a 10uF poly film cap and a 100k 1% resistor to get the...

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