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    About Group Delay of the LNA

    Hi all, I designed an LNA in 2.2-4.4GHz band and calculated the group delay using: Group Delay = -[d S21(p)]/[360*d f], where S21(p) is the phase of the S21 and f is the frequency. The plot is attached herewith. I found that, my grpup delay varies in between .045-.065ns in the bandwidth. Now...
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    spice model of carbon nano wire/tube: reliability issue

    Hello, Can anyone please comment on the reliability of the spice models of carbon nano wire/tube? Spice simulators calculate the current through the mos devices using the drift-diffusion equations. So, I think, the spice models of carbon nano wire/tube are based on the approximation of their i-v...
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    Assura32- Compatibility with Cadence IC612

    Hi! Could anyone please mention up to which subversion of Assura32 is compatible with Cadence IC612? I mean USR1, USR2 etc. I installed Assura41 and tried to use it together with the IC612, but it generated a warning in the CIW, like: *WARNING* Failed to load context file...
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    Environment setting for Cadence IC610

    Hi! I am trying to install cadence IC610 in Scientific Linux 5. I installed it successfully through Installscape and also installed the Open Access, configured as well after the installation. First two lines of my license file are: SERVER SERVER.VLSI-LAB ANY 27000 DAEMON cdslmd...
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    About the Installscape for installing Cadence Virtuoso

    Hello all; I am trying to install Cadence IC610 for the first time. When I start the installation process typing ./SETUP.SH from the directory of BASE_IC610, it prompts a message suggesting to install the InstallScape. But I found this package nowhere in my CD. Anyone please tell me whether it...
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    About the Cadence Installation Packages

    Hello all, I am trying to install Cadence Virtuoso for the first time. I intend to install IC6.1.2, to simulate with spectre and to use Assura for the layout. Could anyone please check me what software packages shall I be needing to cover my objective? So far I know, I have to install- 1...
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    About the inductor of IBM cms9flp

    Hello, I am in confusion about the symmetric inductor of IBM cms9flp. When I use it in my layout created by pcell, then a square sized box appears only with a blinking message -"unsupported stack", until the 'default' key is clicked in the 'create instance' box. When the 'default' is clicked...

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