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    Simulation for this channel by Matlab!!??

    Hello! From here download the book, it has matlab examples for channel modeling. Hope this helps, Thommer
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    Help: Wireless Communication course by Tse at Berkeley

    Hello! I don't think you have to pay extra sum of money to join to this course. It's one of the courses offered for MSC qualification. Most university web pages are free to everybody (check out Stanford courses), but exception always can be found, like CMU courses. regards, Thommer
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    Help: Wireless Communication course by Tse at Berkeley

    Hello! Is there anyone who has the education material for the course "Fundamentals of Wireless communication" held by David Tse at Berkeley in 2004 spring? The link is the following, but the access is denied (even when using proxy server): **broken link removed** I'm in great need of this, as...
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    Channel environment, impulse response question

    Thanks for your answer, but I have the code now I only need the different impulse response values (I was told to solve the problem in this way) regards, Thommer
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    How to calculate the impulse response values?

    Channel model question Hello! I'm given the following plot. I know that the sampling frequency is 8Khz (speech). I have to calculate the impulse response values for my matlab simulation... Please help me how to do this, thank you in advance, regards, Thommer
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    Channel environment, impulse response question

    So this means, If I want to simulate the urban, rural..etc environment, instead of the AWGN model (with ISI as well (h)) I have to use those channel models you mentioned? I simply thought that I only change the impluse response values (to something that I'm looking for) and then I'll get the...
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    Channel environment, impulse response question

    Hello! I have implemented in matlab some classical channel equalization methods (I used AWGN,BPSK). I have to make BER vs SNR simulations and should do this in different channel environments (rural, hilly, urban..etc). I'm looking for the corresponding impulse response values for them, but so...
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    Simple matlab question (matrix->vector)

    Hello All! I have a probably primitive problem, but please help me! I have a matrix (arbitrary), I want each row of this matrix to be in a separate vector. eg: y=[ -1 1 -1 -1 1 -1 1 -1 -1 1 1 -1]; I tried the following: t = reshape(y',1,[]) -> [-1 1 -1 -1 1 -1 1 -1 -1 1...
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    please help me in matlab!

    Thanks for your help, but I solved the problem I used matrix - vector form and then easily made the convolution instead of dealing with loops Thommer
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    How to calculate the theoretical BER?

    Re: Theoretical BER Hello! Thanks for your andwer! I'd like to transmit binary data e.g {-1,1}. If the noise has 0 mean and sqrt(N0) standard deviation, and Eb=1 then is that suitable calculation you wrote me for theoretical BER? Thommer
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    How to calculate the theoretical BER?

    Hello! I have an AWGN channel model (for single user) The noise is: nu~N(0,sqrt(N0)) 0 mean and sqrt(N0) standard deviation, where N0 is the noise energy. In my case SNR=1/N0. How can I calculate the theoretical Bit error rate? Thank you Thommer
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    MMSE equalizer for MATLAB

    mmse equalizer Hello! I'm looking for MMSE equalizer matlab code for AWGN channel model , single user mode. Thank you in advance, Thommer
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    Steepest descent in matlab

    matlab steepest descent Hello, I have a function which contains sums and a normal distribution as well.As I read the Matlab tutorial, for finding the gradient is better to use the conjugate gradient method, but I have to solve this with the steepest descent method. Is there any built in...
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    please help me in matlab!

    Hello! Please help me to type the following 2 expressions into matlab! Thank you Thommer
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    Please help typing an expression into matlab

    Hello! I'm trying to use matlab for the first time, and have trouble typing the following expression. There's a convolution in it and the Phi fuction is the standard distribution function. I need this because I got the task in class to calculate the gradient of this expression by using the...
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    Network analysis algorithm in matlab

    network analysis + matlab Hello! Is there anyone who has implemented the algorithms of the IEEE paper in matlab: ,,Performance Analysis of Networks with Unreliable Components" by K. Li and J.A. Silvester (1984) ? Please share it, I need it to my study, Thank you in advance, Thommer
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    advise book about communication systems

    Hello! In my opinion: Communications Systems by Simon Haykin Communication Systems Engineering by John G. Proakis or Fundamentals of Communication Systems by John G. Proakis Thommer
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    increasing spectral efficiency in wireless networks

    Hello! I'd like to ask you where I can find any information and research material, articles about increasing the spectral efficiency (bit/sec/Hz) in wireless networks by using adaptive channel equalization? (I'm looking for algorithms which direct minimize the BER instead of the known MMSE and...

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