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    Can i fix my spartan 3a starter kit after i plug to it 12V?

    hi i plugged 12 v dc source to my spartan 3a starter kit , what i saw that the LP3906 voltage regulator has burned so I'll try to fix it,Are there other thing to do to fix the board, if any one faced this kind of problems please replay as soon as possible Thanks in advance
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    What is the differance between PHY chip and USB tranciever

    Hi In usb core what is the function of the PHY interface and aren't have functions of the USB tranciever ic?? Thanks in advance
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    USB transceiver that converts from board level to D+ and D- levels

    Hi Is there is a tranciever chip for USB that convert from board level to D+ and D- level?? Thanks in advance
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    Long time Synthesis in ISE

    I'm using FPGA Xilix virtex 2 pro FG45 and Xilinx ISE The problem that ISE when i Synthesis my verilog core which is 8051 it continue Synthesis,it Synthesis for along time and didn't fiinsh,the module that ISE still Synthesis and didn't fininsh is the ROM,so i can't Synthesis the core ,Any...
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    Using MOVX in c code in keil (8051)

    movx 8051 I want to use MOVX assembly instruction in my c code,i made the way that i create separate assembly file and make public function then define it as extern in my c code but when i debyg this code when the step at the line to excute the function ,LCALL instruction excuted to the start...
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    What exactly hex file contain

    Hi I knew before that hex file contain contents in program memory but lately i need to unsert hex file in verilog imlemented ROM but i discovered that hex file is not exactly the ROM it contain additional data Is anybody has an idea how can i extract program memory byte from hex file Thanks in...
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    Convert hex file of 8051 ROM to form used in verilog

    Hi Ineed aprogram that covert hex file generated from kiel to a form that include full content of program memory ,so that it's easy to implement in my 8051 ROM module. Thanks in advance
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    mapping external ROM memory in 8051

    I want to ensure some knowladge i gained about 8051 first program counter is 15 bit so if pc less than 4096 we read from internal ROM but if pc larger than 4096 so PSEN is asserted high and we read from external ROM , and if in the program we asserted PSEN so we read from external ROM even if...
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    Implementation of 8051 with eliminating some instructions

    Hi I want to implement 8051 but want to eliminate instructions for mapping both code and data memory ,so for peaple who has experiance with 8051 for external code memory if i write c code can i guarante that considering assembly code will not use instructions for external mapping just by...
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    Full schematic description of 8051 core

    Hi I want full description of 8051 core ,so that i can implement verilog ip core for that microprocessor
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    Simulation using modelSim

    Hi I'm abeginner with verilog and i use FPGA advantage and modelSim when i want to simulate the following code output counte give me unknown Is there is setting in ModelSim i have to set in order to simulate correctly? module firstseq (clk, reset, enable, count); input clk, reset, enable...
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    serial port with windows XP

    Hi I want to use my com to send data, but as i run on xp ,a message telling me that system can't open COM1 port requested by the application ,Any solution? Thanks in advance
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    Chip to convert 25 volt RS232 in PC COM to 5 volt USART?

    Hi In my project i want to interface atmega16 with my PC COM so i need the ic that convert 25 volt from the PC COM to 5 volt input to the conttroller and vica versa. Thanks in advance
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    Difference between USART and SPI?

    difference between uart and spi Hi What is the difference between USART in schyncronous mode and SPI in microcontroller and although i think they are making the same operation what is the purpose they both exist in microcontroller? Thanks in advance
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    Algorithm for drawing any line in graphical LCD Ampire 128x64 with controller KS0108

    Are any one have an algorithm to draw any line in agraphical LCD Ampire 128x64 with controller KS0108? Thanks in advance
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    How to make delay in Codevision for more than 16 bit counter for (8MHZ) clock?

    Hi I want to know the code does code vision make for thier dellay function in milisecond and microsecond ,Are they do it by timer or by loop and i need to know how to make delay in timer for time value larger than 16 bit counter for (8MHZ) clock Thanks in advance
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    What is the use of pull up resistance in micros input pins?

    PULL UP RESISTANCE May be it's atrivial question but i didn't know it What is the use of the pull up resistance in input pins in the microcontroller from the electronic point of view?
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    Instruction set with corresponding OPCODES of Motorolla hc12

    HI is any one has files contain Instruction set with corresponding OPCODES of Motorolla hc12 MC68HC812A4
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    How to create tables in Visual C++?

    i'm anew in using visual c++ and i need neccessary to know how can i create tables using visual c++ ,so if any one have documents to how learn that please upload. THX
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    new in microcontroller

    i'm new in microcontroller feild so i need help in the following parts i'm using pic 16f627 with JDM microcontroller and software mplab with picc lite and for programmer win pic 1- how can i know that my pc realize the programmer after connecting it 2- how can i make adelay function controlling...

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