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    QAM simulation in matlab/simulink

    qam simulation hi ashay.deshpande XXX=2*b(:,1)+b(:,2)+j*(2*b(:,3)+b(:,4)); is same as for (i=0;i<size of b array;i++) XXX+=2*b(i,1)+b(i,2)+j*(2*b(i,3)+b(i,4)); so : implies all the values in an array
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    point in a waveguide for v and i calculation

    give me the details abt your project i will try
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    Solve ax=b equation where a is a tridiagonal matrix

    matrix problem hi first give the details abt the matrix ie., dimensions of each
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    How does time increment affect simulation time in fdtd?

    simulation time in fdtd hi just use tic anctoc command
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    numerical simulation for nanometer range

    hi i think venkat may help u!!!
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    Face feature Extraction using matlab.

    face extraction matlab hi it is possible. try with wavelets.
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    Transmission line that reduces signal integrity effects

    transmission line hi ramani just h**p://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/ D.Jefferies/transmission.html
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    SI analysis of nanometer interconnects

    hi venkat, use cadence software for your design
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    How to extract the properties in the stacked grounded CPW?

    stacked grounded cpw just refer ieee articles you will getideas
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    interconnects for nanometer design

    hi venkat just refer 1.C. Mead and L. Conway. Introduction to VLSI Systems. Addison-Wesley PublishingCompany, Inc., 1980. 2.A. Jantsch and H. Tenhunen, Networks on Chip. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003 3.D. Wingard, Tiles – An Architectural Abstraction for Platform-Based Design, EDA Vision...
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    hardware design for software radio

    hi to all if anybody having idea on software radio? please tell me abt this or give me some useful links related to this? thanks
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    How to design hardware in DSP processor?

    hi to all iam new to hardware design in dsp processor.i want to develop a project in blackfin processor.plz help me ,how to start the design?

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