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    How to connect 15 LEDs in parallel ?

    LEDs May i enquiry if i need to connect up 15 leds which 10 is 5mm, 5 is 3mm ones. I need to connect them using parallel method to form certain shape. Can i do that or i have to use a different method.
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    Looking for suitable light source for smart traffic system

    Light source I would like to enquiry which light source is suitable for my project as i am doing smart traffic. i used ca light bulbs and normal tourch bbs but they draw too much current. Anyone can advice me wat suitable bulbs o use?
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    Using ULN2003 to control 5 light bulbs

    From my research ULN2003 is use for high voltage /current driver. Im currently trying to connect up a circuit which i be using ULN2003 to control 5 light bulbs. wat kind of diodes i need to use in the circuit? and is there other component i need to add to the circuit.? My boad will link to...
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    How to connect multiple LEDs together?

    LEDS hi can anyone teach me to to connect mutiple leds together? :o
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    Help me with smart traffic lights setup

    smart traffc hi currently im working on this project. i would like to enquire if is there any experience ppl to help me regarding the traffic ligt setup.
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    How to test 7 segment to get the pins to light, gnd & vc

    question to ask Good day guys! May i know how to test my seven segment. to determine the pins to light, gnd and vcc? im using motorola 68HC11.

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