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    Analog circuit that controls valves for water flow

    Dear all, I'm trying to design some analog circuit for water vale control, here is the simple block schematic: So the idea is: we have two independent sources of water and one tank and we want to fill the tank. First we supply the water trough valve1 and measuring the water pressure in...
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    optocoupled output circuit

    Dear All, I came across this schematic for opto-coupled output: We have FPGA out 1.8V and resistor 100Ohm to regulate the current for diode from MOCD207-M. I'm not sure how the other side works. 1. How works this circuit? 2. What is the purpose of the diode CDSU4148-HF? 3. What will happen...
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    Fuse the TVS diode for protection

    Dear all, I want to protect a circuit that works from following power supply: Input voltage : from 12V to 24V Max power consumption 10W -> Imin=0.4A Imax=0.8A My selected components for: Fuse : littelfuse NANO2 slo-blo 0452001. (1A) TVS : littelfuse SMBJ24A (600W) The questions are: 1) will...
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    Specific connector name

    Hello all, I'm searching for the specific connector name for the attached connector. con1 -> cable plug con2 -> smd pcb mount socket Do You maybe know the name for the connector? Thanks.
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    Power planes in Multilayer PCB

    HI all, I'm designing a multilayer PCB (12 layer ) and I decided to use layer 5 and 6 for power distribution. So the question is can I put one voltage(eg. 1V) on one plane(eg. L5) and then a second voltage(eg. 3.3V) on other plane(eg. L6) on top of it? OR i have to have GND plane In-between...
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    Calculate impedance PCB tracks

    Hi all, I have different results of calculation and I don't know which one is the right. I'm trying to calculate the 50 Ohm impedance on L3,L4,L7,L8 of this stack-up: Do I threat the L3,L4,L7,L8 as a Asymmetric Stripline? what calculator should I use? what is the width of 50 Ohm line on L3...
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    Convert form Altium Designer to Orcad, allegro, mentor expedition...

    Hi all, I'm using Altium designer Summer 2009 and I want to convert the Schematic to OrCad, Allegro, Cadance concept HDL Packaged Schematic files, Mentor Expedition, Mentor DxDesigner, Zuken. I need only one of these schematic format. How can I do that ? Best Regards, David.
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    How to connect two pins

    Hi all, I have to connect the reset pin (PE_WAKE_N) form intel i211 to pin (PMC_WAKE_PCIE) on intel atom e38xx. PE_WAKE_N -> Tri-State is a bi-directional, tri-state input/output pin. (3.3V referenced) PMC_WAKE_PCIE -> Input (1.8V referenced) Question: It is enough to connect 4.7k pullup to...
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    Snubber circuit design

    Hi all, I want to control (switch on/off) inductive motor(230Vac) via relay, and I should use a snubber circuit to suppress Voltage transients. Do I have to connect the snubber across the relay contact or across the motor contacts (if across the motor , do I have to use 1 snubber(RC) per...
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    Cfast card reader designe

    Hi all, I'm not shore if I'm in right forum for that. I'm trying to design hardware for Cfast card reader via SATA. But i don't know how to route CDO(card detect out) and CDI (card detect in) to the microprocessor. Best regards.
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    DDR3L signals and decouple caps

    Hi all, I have some questions regarding DDR3L. I have a lot question because i'm new to DDR3L SDRAM. (I reed the datasheet of the memory but didn't understand all the signals and there is no decoupling scheme in the datasheet) What are these signals: Data_Mask, Data_Strobes...
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    routing a multilayer PCB

    Hi all, I have to rout a 1000 pin BGA IC chip on an multilayer(6 or 8 layer) pcb. Can you pleas share if is there some good tutorials, application notes or Books for guide and learn? Best regards.
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    OPA and BJT analysis

    Any suggestions how this circuit works? Thanks.
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    Delta sigma max input voltage on AIN+ and AIN-

    Hello, I'm using the ADS1259 from TI and i want to know what is the max input voltage swing on AIN+ and Ain- if I use Vref 5V and Avss=5V and if I use bipolar supply +-2.5V can i use the 5V reference or must use 2.5V reference? Can I have AIN+ and AIN- from -2.5V to 2.5V with supply 5V and...
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    spice model file forMA4E2200 Series Schottky diode

    hello everybody, I'm looking for spice file for MA4E2200 Series ZBD Schottky diode, can somone help me..... thx
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    Power detector with schottky diode design

    Hi, I'm trying to build a power detector with schottky diode shown on figure 1. I', really new at this, I heard that because of diode C and L the detector won't work at all frequencies and therefore we must add a matching network. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm trying to understand how this...

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