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    Help me start a GPS project

    I want to do a gps project.But i dont know anything where i can start.is there anyone wants to help me:)
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    Simple projects with Atmega16

    Hi I want to do a project with atmega16.Is there anyone know a simple project or projects link. I want to a simple project not difficult. Thank you.
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    Recommend some Matlab books

    hi i am new for matlab i want to study matlab too.where can i find e-book?
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    Where to start learning about PIC ?

    Need some advice. I want to learn pic and i dont know where i will start.Where must i start?What do you advise me about pic?
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    Must i select electrical or electronics and communication

    I study Electrical and Electronics engineering and i am second class.we will be two department that names are electrical-electronics and communication in third class.Can you advise me what i will select?
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    Looking for resources on Opamp 555

    Opamp 555 hi friends i have a project about opamp 555 circuits. can anyone tell me where can I find about opamp 555 circuits or books.

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