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    What do the vsim-SDF-3438 warnings mean?

    Hi All, i am annaotating SDF into my design. After simulation i am getting the warnings with code vsim-SDF-3438. can i know 1. Why these warnings have surfaced? 2.can i ignore these warnings? Thanks, Pandit.
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    LOCKup & SYNC Registers.

    lockup latch Hi all. 1.what are LOCK-Up flops/latches and sync registers? 2.when they are used? 3.what is the advantage? Providing pictorial explanation is appreciated. thanks a ton, pandit
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    verilogout_no_tri ---Need help for this command.

    verilogout_no_tri hi all. i am not following what this cmmanr will do. verilogout_no_tri Declares three-state nets as Verilog "wire" instead of "tri." This variable is useful in eliminating "assign" primitives and "tran" gates in the Verilog output.
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    Is there anything like Memory Synthesizes?

    hi all. Is there anything called Memory Synthesizes. and in SRams and RFs which gives good PPA. Thanks a lot... pandit
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    Tracks of a standard cell.

    Hi all. I have three doubts regarding tracks of a standard cell. 1. What are tracks? 2. What is the use of these tracks? 3. If we increase the no of tracks how it will improve the performance? Plz spare some time to answer these queries. regards, pandit.
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    What's the use of free-running clocks?

    hi all. i am working placement step in asic flow. i come across a word free-running clocks. what is the use of these clocks.... why those r removerd while CTS. thanks in advance. Pandit.
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    what are delay cells.when they are used in the ASIC Flow.

    hi what are delay cells.when they are used in the ASIC Flow?. why we dont use them in Synthesis stage?. regards, pandit.
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    suggest some link for set-up and hold time questions

    hi folks. i want some problems relating to set-up and hold violations. plz suggest some links to get the questions. reards, pandit
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    what is temperature inversion

    temperature inversion asic hi all. i want to know about temperature inversion. plz dont say that as temp/ increses delay decreses in 90 nm and below. plz elaborate. pandit
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    Relation between temp and setup, hold and delay

    What is more probable to fail (setup or hold) at the following temperatures? 1. 125 °C 2.-40 °C & in general delay. regards, pandit
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    Information about set up and hold constraints

    hi all. i know what is set up and hold constaints. but i want to know 1.why these timings are to be satisfied.? 2.Which part/factors of the F/F rule these timings?. 3.how these timings are calculated for a F/F?. plz explain... regards, Pandit.
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    About DECAP filler cells used in floorplaning

    filler cell decaps hi all. 1.I want to know why these are used.If they are used in reducing PSN ,why cant we use Bypass for the same purpose. 2.What the structure of these cells. 3.How they help in reducing power supply noise. 4.How they are diffrent from Bypass capacitors I am in desparate...
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    analog signal from one of the pins of PIC without using ...

    hi alll. this question is haunting me in various interviews. is it possible to generate an analog signal from one of the pins of the PIC without using any type of DACs. thanks a lot... pandit
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    what is the meaning of (max.value-min.value)/2

    hi. iam integrating a waveform & iam getting some max.value &min.value from this integration.if i found... (max-min)/2 what i will get.....or what it measns.? thanks a ton... pandit @ pandit_vlsi@rediffmail.com
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    What is timing deration in reference to ASIC flow?

    hi all. give me some suggestons for 1.what is timing deration? 2.where it comes into picture in ASIC FLOW?. 3.good &bad effects of it. thanks alll pand!t.
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    Detailed info about set up & hold

    hi guys. i want to know about set up & hold in full detail not just definition. so plz suggest some good links or e-books.
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    How are models made for power analysis in Spice?

    hi all. iam using SPICE for power analyis. i must prepare report on this.wherever i search iam finding material on statements of SPICE but not on how models are made. so plz suggest some links or e-books for this task.
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    moving integration on a waveform

    hi all. i want to find the moving integration on a waveform.i.e i should integrate a waveform for ex:sinewave with fixed time over a period.but iam not getting how to do.mine is not a sine waveform. also explain what differentation & integration in general sense? pandit
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    What is the importance of sinx/x ?

    importance of sinc function hi all. i want to know the imporatnce of sinx/x. where we can apply this concept thanks all pandit
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    Projects about constructing TV remote controllers

    hi all. i want make my own tv remote. plz give us details of working of TV Remote &constructiob details. thank you. pandit

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