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    A constant current source simulation using transistor: problem in Proteus

    Here, in the picture attached, I've simulated a constant current source using an NPN transistor, TIP series. My task is to vary the R2 resistor and measuring the current change. This picture holds the info for a certain value, R2=50k. But the current, Ic is still constant. even at that value...
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    custom-circle-copper fill in ares-proteus

    ustom circle copper fill in ares-proteus I need to copper fill the portion in between the two circles. I've tried zone select mode, but it doesn't work efficiently as I need. Is there any option to do it?
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    Recording low frequency heartbeat sound

    I'm struggling with recording heartbeat sound of 20-180 Hz. I've tried several android apps to record with stethoscope integrated with condenser microphone. But it records low sounds from far away, but not heartbeat. So, what can I do now? Would I try to make an audio amplifier to amplify it...
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    UART communication with virtual terminal PIC 16F877A

    I've done UART communication,with virtual serial port driver. Hope it would be helpful to you the newbeez to microcontroller. Here is the sample code in Mikro c and simulated in ISIS. :)
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    Active bandpass filter for an audio amplifier heartbeat monitoring device

    Hi everyone, I am working with my project of developing a heartbeat monitoring device. I've built a circuit that gives me output quite well, but there is noise. FIltering it out I wanna design a bandpass filter of range about 60-600 Hz. I've tried in Filterpro designing software, it gave me...
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    [SOLVED] External Interrupt on PIC 18f4550

    Hi, facing problem to do an external interrupt on 18f4550 uc. Got a lot pain...Trying various way,but nothing happens... void Interrupt() { // This is external INT0 interrupt (for sync start) // - once we get falling edge on RB0 we are disabling INT0 interrupt if (INT0IF_bit &&...
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    increasing infra red range for uart communication

    Hello, my project is to communicate with microcontroller by uart protocol through ir.I succeed in it quite nicely.But the distance is very small,like 6 inches. So how can I increase the distance.I am using 16f73 for remot (tx) & 16f877a for Rx.I am also confused about selecting perfect boud...
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    face detection using matlab

    Hello everyone, i m using matlab to learning face detection and object tracking. please suggest me tutorial and sample code for it. how can i start from the basic? Oh,i m using built-in webcam of my laptop... thanx in advance....
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    Resources about using timer interrupt in PIC uCs.

    Hi all,I am trying to learn using timer interrupt in PIC uCs. Can anyone suggest or link me(with code) which 'll helpful for understanding timer-interrupt for pic ..... Please......
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    [SOLVED] Using PWM in 16f877A with adc

    Hello, I am working with the 16f877A,using PWM with ADC. I've writtten a code,but it is not working.....I am cheaking it again & again..but nothing. :-( The motor works without the ADC value...wheather it is 5 or 0V. I don't understand why??? Here is the code.... double pwm; void main() {...
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    Problem of placing the cartesian co-ordinates with imaginary axis

    Hello, If I wanna place an imaginary axis,with the cartesians,what will be it's graphical view?? We know, if z=x+i*y,(y=imaginary), where x & y are right angled to each other.Then where we should place cartesian y or z axis..... i'm confused...:-?
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    ADC in 16f877a measuring voltage in lcd

    Hi,i m novice to microcontroller. Using adc module in 16f877a with lcd interface. Although varying the voltage with a potentiometer,it is showing 0.00 Volt in the lcd. What is the problem??? :-? Please help...... :( Cann't uploading the pic. Here the code.... // LCD module connections sbit...

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