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  1. J

    Clock divider by 3 with 50% duty cycle?

    Can anyone re-upload the clock divider made easy pdf. I am not finding at any of the links.. jai
  2. J

    compiler for uC/OS-II example program

    Re: uc/os-ii programming Do you have turboC for windows 7(64 bit). The attached files is not compatible with 64 bit. Thanks in advance.
  3. J

    Want to learn about RTOS

    uC-Os II by Labrosse is a good book to start with. He explains the basics of need of RTOS . Also have a look at QNX.
  4. J

    OS for 8051 on Altera Cyclone ii

    Hi all, We are trying to build 8051 on altera Cyclone ii FPGA kit also planning to build RTOS on it to carry out communication related application. We tried with petalinux, it had many links for the Xilinx kit but dint had option for Altera kit and also it was not free edition. Can...

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