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    Nano Volt DC amplifier

    This is a tricky area. Look up the formula for thermal noise voltage. Basically these amplifiers are operating on the bleeding edge of what's theoretically (and practically) possible. And it's not even just the circuit that is tricky - how you assemble them also. A typical solder joint will...
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    Can anyone expln selection & calculation of Heat sinks for Rectification using IGBT

    Re: Can anyone expln selection & calculation of Heat sinks for Rectification using I Application notes from various IGBT vendors (like International Rectifier) generally cover this kind of thing better than what could be written here off the top of my head. International Rectifier -...
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    pertinence of Valve Amplifiers

    In terms of reliability: valves/tubes typically have life times in a 0-10 year range even operating at room temperature. Semiconductors can have lifetimes from 10-10,000 years depending on the geometry (generally larger last longer, smaller not so much) and operating environment. If you've...
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    Need help about receiver noise figure measurement

    Use the source (not the force), Luke: Agilent Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Noise Figure Measurements cp.literature.agilent.com/litweb/pdf/5952-8255E.pdf
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    Hand analysis vs real simulation

    Just repeating what others have said. In general, every model without exception is an approximation of reality and thus in any absolute sense it "lies" about reality. The common sense strategy is to know when the model starts to "lie" and when it comes to computer simulations that requires...
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    ua741 transistor level diagram, is this correct?

    ua741cn design The dual emitter is a real device, of course. You can "model" it in the simplest form by using two transistors with bases and emitters tied together. Effectively this is a current mirror built into a single "device" at design layout. Doing it as a single device improves the...

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