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    Remote frame in CAN bus....

    In remote frame means one node will send the request for knowing about the status of another node. then that node will send a remote frame. My question is in that CAN Remote frame the node sends whose identifier in frame ? Means if he send sender's ID then why and recievers ID then why ...
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    busoff in can communication

    If the error counter of a node reaches 256 it goes to busoff condition. My question is busoff condition means," bus is completely off" or "node is completely off in a bus". Please suggest me some answar.
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    more than 8 byte of data in CAN

    How can we send more than 8 byte of data bytes in CAN data frame.
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    CAN-sends its own identifier

    If a node sends its own identifier then what happened on the bus in CAN ? And please tell me if there is a error then which error and what is the bus effect ?
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    bit error condition in a bus

    Please explain about the bit error in CAN protocol.
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    two nodes in a bus then bus condition

    If two master trying to access each other then what will the condition arises on the bus.
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    arbitration in can frame and error condition

    In a CAN frame if two nodes try to transmit at a same time, the arbitration occurs and then one node will gain the arbitration with highest priority. My question is the node which is lost the arbitration ,there must be an error occurs by that node. Please tell if there is an error then...
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    [SOLVED] crc frame in CAN frame

    In a CAN frame if we are not using CRC field what type of problem occurs ?
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    can-node with identifier

    In a can protocol there is a one master node sends a identifier but that identifier is same for other two slave node.Then how the master node is communicating when he sends identifier ..if communicate then which slave node will respond ?
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    can bus-stantard and extended indentifier in a single bus

    In a CAN bus ,Is it possible to a Standard identifier and Extended identifier can move through a sing bus? If possible then tell me why and if not then also tell me why ?
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    spi and i2c compare difference

    why the SPI can archieve much higher data rate compared to I2C ?
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    Max SPI speed

    what is the maximum speed of SPI ?
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    How to Extend I2C distance?

    what is the technique to extend the distance of the i2c bus ?
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    ECU communication......

    how is the working principle of ECU(Electronics Control Unit) ?
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    [SOLVED] can-messages with same identifier

    If two CAN messages with same ID sending at a same time, different data which can node will gain arbitration?
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    can dobt about in data frame

    can doubt about in data frame In the standard data frame the End Of Frame(EOF) and IFS(inter frame space) have the fixed format with 1. If the last bit of the EOF is 0 then Overload frame starts. My question is if last bit of the EOF is 0 then form error occurs but it must be ignored..why?
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    [SOLVED] CAN--Error Delimiter

    The error delimiter consists of 8 recessive bits. After transmission of an error flag each station sends a recessive bit and monitors the bus untill it detects a recessive bit. Afterthat each station sends 7 more recessive bits. My question is why each station sends a single recessive bit ?

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